DJ Pager - The Running Man CD [Bedroomhead]

Welcome to DJ Pager’s world. After a short introduction, Little Vic transports you into his battling universe. Keyboard sounds are combined with swinging beats and crazy scratches. The instrumentals intensify the battling atmosphere. The lyrics remind us of an intense spiritual battle against the demons. Enjoy the contrast between light and dark, good and evil. Little Vic keeps it lyrical during the whole track.

Knife like violins draw the listener the pessimistic, dark and confused atmosphere of Delusions. The song analyses in depth the foolish behaviour of delusional people.

DJ Pager - The Running Man CD [Bedroomhead]
01. Intro – DJ Pager
02 The Exorcist – Little Vic
03. Delusions – Harry Love + Verb T
04. Hand Exercise No 2 – Danny Breaks
05. Backpackers – Jazz Liberatorz Feat: Fat Lip
06. Reality Check – Verbal Threat
07. Vomit – MF Doom
08. Pepper Spray – Jehst Feat: Kashmere + Sir Smurf Lil’
09. Stretcher – DJ Adlib
10. Be Easy – Ghostface
11. Witness – Jibbarish (Exclusive)
12. Straight Bananas – A-Trak Feat: Obscure Disorda
13. Folk Stories – Dirty Verbals Feat: Anik, Ron Compost, ShainCaw, Tekneek + Jibbarish (Exclusive)
14. One 4 Da Money – Keith Murray
15. Jay Dee Interlude
16. Microphone Master – Phat Kat
17. Everyday – DJ Adlib Feat: MED aka Medaphoar
18. Freestyle – Jibbarish
19. Make it Hott (Please) – Harry Love + Verb T
20. When I Give My Heart To You (Pager Remix) – DJ Mentat Feat:Skinnyman (Exclusive)
21. Push, Kick, Scratch, Outro

* Tracks 1, 13 and 20 Produced by DJ Pager

The fourth track offers some interesting musical perspective from an artist who knows how to speak with his hands. Enjoy Hand Exercise Nr 2 by Danny Breaks. Synthesizers, scratches, organs and vocals work together and nicely introduce you into a playful atmosphere of (verbal and instrumental) dexterity.
Jazz Liberatorz featuring Fat Lip will make you feel their great passion for rhyming and flowing. Listen to underground emcees’ story and to their great dedication to the music. Dark piano notes combined with scratches and keyboard notes will make you feel the dimension of mystery and constant struggle. Jazz Liberatorz take you back to their early beginnings.
Rhythmic piano notes mixed up with catchy beats and scratches sounds enlighten Verbal Threat’s lyrical bullets. Enjoy hip hop to the fullest. Follow MF Doom in his verbal torment. Dark instrumentals totally fit with his inventive lyrics. His voice and style might make some of you think of NYC rapper Nas. Delusion and disgust are expressed in Vomit.

Jibbarish’s Witness is a good example of lyrical fluency. The song is enhanced with keyboard and trumpet sounds while Jibbarish spits some hot fire. Intelligent wordplays and metaphors make the song highly enjoyable.

Dynamic scratches and overheated lyrics introduce One 4 Da Money. The song fully enlightens Keith Murray’s lyrical skills. Get caught into the rules of the rap game and enjoy the story Keith Murray has to tell. The mixtape includes some interesting Detroit underground collaborations with artists such as notorious deceased producer Jay Dilla and Phat Kat aka Ronnie Cash.

Phat Kat flows on some dope ass beats and is killing the mic in no time. Enjoy both emcees’ know how. Soft guitar sounds introduce Jibbarish’s creative wordplays. Like an astute cook, Jibbarish perfectly knows how and when to spice up his recipe in order to increase his listener’s appetite.

Guitar sounds mixed up with a hot flow and some rhythmic beats will make you feel a progressive overheated atmosphere. From hot to burning fire, Verb T anticipates his public’s desire with some inventive lyrics. When I Give My Heart To You is build on flute notes and catchy drum beats with some good scratched sound in the middle. The song is an intense love story between the artist and hip hop. The rap game is spoilt by some people who are all about the money and CD sales and who forget about their first love: hip hop.

DJ Mental will prove his audience to be different. Pure dedication to the music is exactly what the listener’s ears want. DJ Mental’s raps reflect that pure love for an art he fully masters.
Globally the Running Man mixtape offers an interesting panel of different styles and artistic collaborations. However some tracks like Straight Bananas or Pepper Spray impressed me less. The main weakness is probably due to the artists’ voice as far as I am concerned.

The Running Man mixtape is nevertheless worth your attention. I gave it an average rating of 3.5 stars.

By Isabelle Esling

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