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We told you about DJ Samo’s previous CD ‘See You After The Break’, and he has returned with another hot one, this time entitled ‘Just For The Record’. The CD gets gets going with some posh English voice from some stereo effects record, before the Jaws Theme heralds a darker vibe as Samo asks ‘guess whose coming?’.

The intro is a hectic cut up of snippets from different classic tracks in rapid succession, many of which I wanted to continue beyond the couple of bars we got of each. After five minutes of intro Samo drops in with some beautiful funky soul a touch of ATCQ and back to the rare groove and funky beats before the Beatnuts are let loose. It is freshness all the way as acts like De La Soul, the Audio Two and the Jurassic 5 sit next to Maceo and other breaks a whole host of which that I have never heard before, but never the less I am on the same vibe as Samo and feel his selections.

DJ Samo - Just For The Record  CD [New Bias]Midway there is a dope human beatbox section provided by I don’t know who, but it could well be Audible Porno as he is in the same Covert Crew as Samo. Following this the Rocky theme is mixed with some of James Brown‘s Sex Machine and some reggae groove for ‘Ring Of Fire’, before some James Brown covers are dropped into the mix.

There is not as much Hip Hop on this volume as the previous one, but the beats are there and the styles varied as demonstrated as the CD comes to an end with mixes of DeeliteGroove Is In The Heart and GLOBE‘s Play That Beat and a much more disco selection and a mangelation of the original from Arrested Development’s Everyday People and a greatly slowed down rendition Sly‘s Be Mice Elf before it all comes to an end with another touch of human beatbox.

Here we have in true DJ Samo style an eclectic blend of really get up and shake it tunes and a whol load of soul and funk and snippets from TV and films which relatively seamlessly powers on for 115 minutes. Samo’s crates are deep beyond belief and his ability to mix well known tunes next to some old funk track he has dug up is really refreshing when too many DJs just stick to one genre. There would have to be something wrong with you to not feel this, so pick it up.

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