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DJ Samo is a party DJ from Cornwall in the South West, but is originally from Scarborough, who is well known for playing hype live sets. Recently he appears to have hooked up with MC Carpetface, but before that coming out on Aerosolik records DJ Samo has produced a couple of mix CDs which are hot to def. The first one which I peeped was See You After The Break which is 1 hour and a quarter of funky sounds.

The mix starts off with an answer phone type message and then the upbeat Opening Act track. Songs are interspersed with samples and DJ Samo shouts and familiar sounds like a few bars from the Joseph’s Multicoloured Coat, Lauren Hill, and the theme from Rocky which gets sweetly cut up all before the CD really hots up and before the beats kick.

DJ Samo - See You After The Break CD [New Bias]Samo shows his eclectic style as sweet soul tracks are combined with classic Hip Hop beats and specials. Almost every track is flipped in some manner whether new beats are provided for accapellas or just generally mixing up funk and soul with more modern tracks. Beyonce’s Crazy In Love gets a severely funky reworking as does Supa Dan who gets looped over a BDP beat, before them franticness is moved down a tad a ATCQ’s Can I Kick It instrumental is abruptly cut in and Samo continues adding his own embellishments.

Samo doesn’t need to keep right up to date with the tracks as the way he mixes he can create a new vibe from older and more recognisable tracks, something both new and exciting, but also familiar at the same time. E.g. Ugly Duckling is followed by A Dub version of Witness The Fitness which in turn is followed by some classic breaks and more dub sounds.

Let Me Clear My Throat gets a couple of new beats thrown behind it, the most humorous being the use of Michael Jackson before Justin Timberlake gets flipped into some real old skool including Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. As with all DJs Samo needs to get his own cuts in the mix and whilst they are usually inobtrusive on occasions he does feel the need to scratch up the old ‘Arghhh, Fresh’, but thankfully keeps this to a minimum favouring some James Brown Grunts and Marvellous’ ‘Tick Tock’. This mix takes a distinctively home made feel for Arro’s beatbox shout out which is followed by a cut up of snippets which sounds like everyone is bigging up Samo and even some Doors!!

As the CD came to the end I had to fast forward over some spoken word and a very downbeat instrumental, as well as a long bit of answer phone messages but the Cheers theme tune ad final soul track brought the CD to a satisfactory end.

All in this was a pretty refreshing mix to check out. Some of the changes were a touch abrupt, but many of the other blends were sweetly done and really sounded good. The way the tracks progressed was well done raising the intensity and putting it down again. Samo obviously has some skills and I for one would like to check out one of his live sets.

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