DJ Slademan - Endangered Species LP [Suspect Packages]

Endangered Species is a compilation of UK Hip Hop exclusives juggled / mixed together by DJ Slademan. It features Slademan’s infamous production style plus of some of his personal favourite artists from the current UK scene including: Skriblah DanGogh, Black The Ripper, Skandal, Malik, Cyrus Malachi, M9, Doom Man, Phoenix Da Icefire, Jehst, Ramson Badbones and many more.

DJ Slademan is steadily gaining a reputation as Peterborough’s hardest working DJ and producer with a release list to prove it. Last year saw him complete the Skriblah DanGogh ‘Sketches‘ Mixtape (Terra Firma), Remus ‘The Uprising‘ Mixtape (Taskforce), Knowledge Magazine’s ‘Hip Hop Don’t Stop‘ Mixtape, guest mixes for BBC 1Xtra (featured on the Charlie Sloth show) ‘Back From The Trenches‘ mixtape as well as numerous guest slots on Unique FM, all this while working on singles, EP’s and album material with some of the finest the UK has to offer.

For the last decade, DJ Slademan has maintained DJ residencies up and down the UK, but 2008 saw his focus shift to his untapped production talent, developing his sound and fine tuning his art form. With a relocation to London in full flight this year, he’s somebody to keep an eye on as it is clear his production is ripe for placement on any number of anticipated albums coming out this year whilst continuing to excite the street level fans with his mixtapes.

His first project this year (Endangered Species) has been getting hugely encouraging feedback from fans in and out of the Hiphop scene and not surprisingly as it features a number of exclusives unheard to the world. The project is endorsed by and available exclusively at Suspect Packages.

With positive feedback from the likes of American journalist Ryon Danyell, Knowledge Magazine, UK All Day and Rago Magazine, as well as being championed by all of your favourite UK rappers, DJ Slademan is making some serious moves. Here is one mixtape DJ and producer that you need to keep on! Real music might be in danger, but everything is going to be okay as long as DJ Slademan is behind the one’s and two’s! Make sure you connect with DJ Slademan on Twitter on his Blog, as well as YouTube and Bandcamp.

Check out these promotional videos:

DJ Slademan Presents ‘Endangered Species’ Promo Video:

Skriblah Dan Gogh – Non Conformist:

Diam Ruff – The Truth:

Download Link:

DJ Slademan - Endangered Species LP [Suspect Packages]


01. Malik MD7 Feat K-Koke & Margz – I’m Ready
02. Rewd Adams (Skandal) Feat Black The Ripper – Everyday
03. Omen – Now (Exclusive)
04. Chat One – 3 Generations Remix (Exclusive Produced by DJ Slademan)
05. Skriblah Dan Gogh – Non Conformist (Exclusive Produced by DJ Slademan)
06. Doom Man – Prelude
07. Omen – Walk The Walk (Exclusive Produced by DJ Slademan)
08. Tbear – Free At Last
09. Mystro & Loudmouth Melvin – Wednesday UK Remix
10. Jeye Severe – This Is Me (Exclusive)
11. Rigga Romez – Standing Flawless
12. Mystro – Track 1 – Digmund Freud EP
13. Cyrus Malachi & Jehst – Raw Ingredients
14. Stealth MC – A Dream (Exclusive Produced by DJ Slademan)
15. Diam Ruff -The Truth (Exclusive Produced by DJ Slademan)
16. Iron Braydz – Golden Legacy
17. Jeye Severe – Feel So Good (Exclusive)
18. Ace Boss Feat Jay Severe – Shakedown (Exclusive)
19. Phoenix Da Icefire – Ember
20. Rewd Adams (Skandal) – Home Economics
21. Endemic & Cappo Feat Scorzayzee, Cyrus Malachi, Lee Ramsey & Iron Braydz – Eagles
22. Ramson Badbones – I Got That Slang
23. M9 – When Brothers Die

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