DJ Spinna - Underground Forever Mix CD [Ultra Vybe Japan]

One of my favourite producers DJ Spinna compiles a Greatest Hits-esque mix of Hip Hop’s widely uncredited late 90’s mini-golden age. If you’re too young to have heard these tunes or so old you were too disillusioned to bother looking for them then this is for you.

Jugganots, L the Head Toucha, Mike Zoot, J Live, Dutchmin, East Flatbush Project and Natural Resource among many are given an airing and sound fresh as ever. It’s a testament to Spinna’s talent that the selections from his own personal discography – Old World Disorder, Basement Khemists, and Jigmastas – are also some of the highlights of this compilation.

The only foible is the omission of anything outside New York bar Saukrates and Ugly Duckling. Let’s not forget that tuff indy 12’s were popping up all over the map during this time, some west coast classics such as Self Scientific’s ‘Return’ or even Dilated’s ‘Work the Angles’ could have substituted a few of the more palpable NY inclusions. But this is principally an NY mix by an NY legend so there’s no place for nitpicking. Essential listening – all hail DJ Spinna!

By: Max Weldon

DJ Spinna - Underground Forever Mix CD [Ultra Vybe Japan]

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