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Dom G is a long time head who has been blessing mics for years. He has a distinctive easy on your ears flow and sound which will captivate you. Finally Dom G is set to release his debut LP. This work has been a very long time in gestation and I am sure there are times when Dom G thought this album would never materialise.
The LP is a full 16 tracks long and opens with Air a super soulful and immensely summery track which being produced by LG has a funky groove with additional flute from Biscuit in the chorus. Some of Dom G’s lyrics are a bit abstract, but a lot of Dom’s appeal is his unique flow which pauses and accelerates on unexpected syllables. The track also features Nomadic Poet who goes back and forth with Dominant G seamlessly.

01. Air ft. Nomadic Poet
02. Lock ‘n’ Load
03. You Don’t Know
04. Stop & Move ft. Nomadic Poet
05. So She Says
06. Reflections ft. Zion I
07. Da Heat
08. That’s Why I Wrote
09. That’s A Good Look ft. Chris Smoove
10. Written In Graffitti
11. Breath 02
12. Microphone Phenomenal
13. Life N Hip Hop
14. Holding It Down
15. La La Land
16. G Force

The previously released Lock ‘n’ Load is severely headnoddingly produced by Peeping Tom for the Grime Syndicate. Dom’s observations are deep on many levels and he intricately moves from one subject to another at a speed it is hard to follow. You Don’t Know starts off in an autobiographical manner. Dom jumps all over the bouncy beat with multi syllabic lines describing how he can wreck it.

ID4 brings back a more introspective vibe with his production on Stop & Move which makes great use of synth chords and a sub bassline. Dom’s easygoing style effortlessly floats over this lolloping groove. Nomadic Poet pops up again to add equally accomplished rhymes and a touch of harshness to expand the aural vista.

Appollo steps up to the sampler to drop a heart string tugging backing for So She Says which Dom G accompanies with achingly emotional lines of struggle and eloquently describes people fighting over cash just to survive and how this is portrayed in the media. Amongst what is an eminently listenable album this track is right up there.
Biscuit’s flute opens Reflections a reminiscing track on which Dominat G remembers his youth and school days. Lorraine on the back up vocals in the chorus adds an extra evocative vibe. Zion I joins in on a bit of a more political tip for a cross Atlantic collaboration.

Da Heat was a burner when it came out a year or so ago, and here its horns and big sine wave bass line sounds as good as they did back then. Pianos abound on That’s Why I Wrote and is where Dom opens up his heart and expresses what has touched him in quite a personal manner. Dom G doubles up with Chris Smoove a long time south London associate who he has worked with before on That’s A Good Look. A 70’s movie theme type vibe is engendered by the orchestration put together by a new head to me J Zak, who never the less produces a heavy offering. There is a lot of energy on this and is one of the hardest tracks on here.

Another new producer to me Jnr Sas links up a sample of a speech from an educational / instructional move before the Fender Rhodes kicks in for an agreeably laid back composition Written In Graffitti. Dom G is particularly eloquent as he breaks down the effects of drug addiction and the reasons for it as well how the situations people living in deprived areas find themselves in can lead to undesireable consequenses and even how ultimately this is all the product of the governments policies.

Riding high at the moment DJ Excalibah is brought in to deliver the track for Breath 02 and it is indeed a classic with strings looped up over a hard beat in classic style. Dominant G is on form again as he delivers his environmental message that we all need oxygen. He says big corporations are complicit in cutting down the rain forests and causing pollution. Is it too crazy to say that this is effecting the global balance and messing with peoples heads? Particularly topical at the moment, Dom G has the knack of catching a topic and hopefully both educating the listener and making them think.

Microphone Phenomenal is a release from the depth of the previous few tracks and is pure brag rap with a touch of comedy as well. Fellow South Londoner Keith Lawrence links up in an interesting manner a little piano riff and short bass line for a real bumper. Life N Hip Hop is full of metaphorical linkages and is generally a forward looking track which counters the doom of Breath O2 drawing on Hip Hop as a movement for making things better. Cuts of Mc Shan are provided by Big Ted, another link up which goes way back to the days of Liberty Grooves in Tooting.

Dominant G

Amp Live switches back to a heavier sound for his production of Holding It Down where Dom explores ghetto flats and how modern economics can make drug dealing seem appealing. Over the years Dominant G has kept it real and he explains how despite his obvious skills this could have held him back. Attacking the shallowness of Bling and the scurge of paedophiles he continues to keep it real and doesn’t mind taking on the task of dropping knowledge.

The penultimate track La La Land is classic Boom Bap. Where Dom drops the line that many people are living in La La Land and can’t see the reality of what surrounds them. Explaining how the world is designed to keep the rich that way and how the streets make it hard for people to excel this is his call to wake up! What is a pretty outstanding album is finished off with G Force, quintessentially what Dom G is all about. Clever flows, multi-syllabic words intertwined with educational knowledge raps, historical facts and of course a touch of bigging himself up as well a bit of mystical interstellar references.

This LP which is executively produced by Andrew Asamoah who has always been there with Dom and who has a distinctive sound which allows Dominant G to show what depth and skill he has. Drew has produced for Ty and a whole host of other big names as well as being one half of Dom’s former crew Psychic Phenomena, so that gives you the final stamp of approval. Make sure you go out and cop this and give it all the support it deserves. Hot suff.

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