Donny Goines - Off the Books CD [Free]

Donny Goines has been diligently carving his name into the wall of Hip-Hop having garnered extensive press coverage in the last year. The New York based wordsmith has delivered three solid projects to Hip-Hop fans, his last, The Excerpt achieving solid reviews from journalists and Hip-Hop tastemakers. Donny has achieved all this in just fifteen months.

Now Donny Goines finds himself testing the waters with an avenue he is familiar with but has yet to utilize to his advantage, the mixtape. "I wanted to make this tape to show the public my versatility and a different side of my musical abilities". Taking some of the most revered industry beats, Donny literally goes back to the basics on this mixtape adding his twist and take on tracks that have in actuality encouraged Hip-Hop heavy weights such as Nas, Jay Z and Kanye West to become the commodities that they have.

Donny Goines has established himself as one to watch out for and he hopes that the fans and the industry a like will appreciate his Off the Books Project. Donny is, as ever, humble in his approach to his music and the response he has thus far received. Taking a moment to explain just why he opted to take the title Off the Books, Donny explains, "it derives from the common saying, but it also has a double meaning. 'Off the books' refers to making money under the table, and from that perspective I'm telling you this is for the streets, basically some work I did for my people on the side so to speak". But Donny who sees himself not just as a rapper but as a writer concludes, "authors write books; this isn't part of my main story, so 'it's off the books' meaning I am taking a different approach than my usual".

So with another impressive project to add to his constantly expanding resume, Donny Goines takes mixtapes back to what they started as and in doing so proves himself again as the versatile and promising MC which he is.


01. DJ Bedtyme 357 Intro
02. Storytelling
03. Cast Ya Votes
04. Don't Be Blinded
05. Take A Walk Wit Me
06. RE-Verse
07. Hip Hop's Lazarus
08. Before You Jump
09. Where I Come From
10. Alarm Clock
11. Your Son Does
12. My Occupation
13. If You Don't Know
14. Ain't No Love
15. Forever My Bitch
16. Encore
17. Spazz out

Donny Goines - Off the Books CD [Free]

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