Drum & Bass Arena Presents: DJ Marky Live @ DJ Marky & Friends MP3 [Drum and Bass Arena]

This summer sees the release of a long anticipated new mix from the Brazilian maestro that is..DJ Marky. Recorded live during the recent DJ Marky & Friends event tour of 2006, Innerground Records in association with Drum & Bass Arena are pleased to bring you DJ Marky Live.

DJ Marky's ability to put a set together of infinite quality is notorious, not only as a performing DJ on tour but as a studio mixologist putting together carefully constructed beats and basslines. Previous efforts have included 'The Brazilian Job' (Movement) and 'Bingo Beats 2' (Bingo Records) both of which aimed to show not only the diversity of the Drum and Bass genre but also the ability of the DJ to gather a selection of tracks and forge them together to make what is an unstoppable wave of sound and technical prowess.

Drum & Bass Arena Presents: DJ Marky Live @ DJ Marky & Friends MP3 [Drum and Bass Arena]This 'Live @ DJ Marky & Friends' set, which is more than a hour in length, has all the qualities associated with DJ Marky and his branded nightclub event, which now enjoys a global syndication, and highlights everything that is big in the world of Drum & Bass today. Featuring tracks from D'Kay & Lee, Mist:I:Cal, DJ Zinc, Nookie, A.I., Bcee & Lomax, The Invaderz, Utah Jazz Vs Soulmatic and many more, the mix is a journey through the ups, downs and massive drops associated with the DnB scene with an element of DJ Marky spice added for good measure.

As one of the few digital only mixes to be released this year by the B&B industry, feedback has been fantastic thus far. Distribution will be through most major digital outlets and thanks to the partnership with Drum & Bass Arena, it will also be available to download direct from their epic site http://www.breakbeat.co.uk.

Format: Digital Download
Release date: 22nd June 2007

More details and a tracklisting can be found at:

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