Drydah - Dark From Day Mixtape Vol. 1 ft. Motley, Wrigz, Solja, Anai, Liqz, & O.G. (Lethal Alliance)

I can easily see several top, 30 year old producers lying awake at night with clenched fists as age and experience are ripped apart by pure natural youth genius. Clearly all those music degrees and years of building a solid rep aren’t really worth it when some young ambitious twat does a bit of a skip and jump and lands at exactly the same spot in no time.

All the artists fit together well and stamp on the beats nicely to make them resonate round half of England.  If you heard some of the lyrics that the lad comes out with as well, you wouldn’t believe he was 15. Real inspired hip hop. Stuff you can relate to, nod your head and contemplate to. With samples including sesame street and the oompa loompa song; for me these tracks scream the 90s, childhood and bright funkful colours.

Drydah - Dark From Day Mixtape Vol. 1 ft. Motley, Wrigz, Solja, Anai, Liqz, & O.G. (Lethal Alliance)All my biggin up could just be going to a mother sticking waste as a few genius ideas take everyting out of a few genius MCs. As I end up sitting, waiting and banging some drums. But the glass is pretty much two-thirds full right now. And I’m not just saying this because of the uncertain look I got when Drydah handed me over a promo disc and asked if I would actually do something with it. Mate, what exactly were you expecting me to use it for?

Basically, this isn’t one of those mix tapes you’re sure you’ve heard before and you can easily replace or confuse with many more. It’s something you want to be a part of before you get left behind like a fool.

In a bit.

By Nino

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