Welcome to the enigmatic sound of the Dub Pistols. Barry Ashworth and Jason O’Bryan are two of Britain’s best kept secrets. Having worked with some of the most prolific names in the industry the duo has decided to vacate the studio once more and share their offering with the world.

Their 3rd album ‘Speakers And Tweeters’ is a revolutionary display of modern cultural virtue, which they believe will convey a ‘consummate statement of intent’ and draw new audiences.

01. Speed of Light feat. Blade
02. Peaches feat. Rodney P & Terry Hall
03. Speakers and Tweeters
04. Running From The Thoughts feat. Terry Hall
05. Rapture feat. Terry Hall
06. Cruise Control
07. Open
08. You’ll Never Find feat. Rodney P
09. Gangsters feat. Terry Hall
10. Something to Trust feat. Rodney P
11. Mach 10
12. Stronger
13. Gave You Time

‘Speakers And Tweeters’ is an album dedicated to real music lovers who know and appreciate good lyrical content and excellent production. Working with a motley crew of underground supremes such as Blade, Rodney P and Terry Hall the Dub Pistols have managed to create an album like no other; fresh, funky and creatively brilliant!

Their genre mixing ability has led them to create remixes for the likes of Moby, Crystal Method and Limp Bizkit but to name a few. They also worked with Busta Rhymes on the track ‘One’ taken from the Blade 2 sound track.

This may not be your typical hip-hop album but trust me it does the job! The brilliantly arranged opener ‘Speed Of Light’ is enhanced by the vocal talents of the old skool hip- hop legend Blade; who executes his skilfully mastered lyrics and invites you to listen intently to what’s coming up next. They are certainly set to engrain their mark firmly on 07’s music list of honours.

Tracks such as ‘Cruise Control’ and ‘Running From The Thoughts’ are sweet music to the ears; even for those of you who are die hard hop-hop lovers. This EP has a high feel good factor and is definitely one to add to the collection.

You can catch up with the guy’s who are set to play at a variety of different venues and festival this summer by logging onto their websites www.thedubpistols.com and www.myspace.com/thedubpistols.

You can also pick up your copy of the album from Amazon.co.uk, play.com and www.recordstore.co.uk/sundaybest/.

By: Jemma Capleton

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