We like Dubbledge here. His hook ups with Parky were dope and the Don’t Interrupt track on the ukhh.com CD was awesome. But the Watford based artist has put together his own mix CD and it is chocka with splendid offerings.

Dubbledge has enlisted the help of some of the biggest names in the UK game to get their material on here, from the likes of Inja, Foreign Beggars, Skrein and Dr Syntax, but to make this a mega offering there is also the sounds of Genesis Elijah, Wordsmith, Micall Parknsun and even Shlomo on the human beatbox.

01. Intro -Live On BBC 1Xtra with Rodney P & Skitz
02. Perfect Beatbox – ft. Shlomo
03. Moming Worship – ft. Dabla & Mention
04. Deadlee Aka Capped’im Bun’dem -Live From Da Attic
05. Unauthorized Loss (Dedicated To Andrew L)
06. Thats Long – ft. Micall Parknsun & Wordsmith
07. The Internet Song
08. Skit
09. Venus – ft. Skrein & Dr Syntax
10. Gyal Round Here
11. Verbal -Nah Mean
12. Off-Key
13. Skit
14. Xoalin Monk
15. 3way Beatdown – ft. Inja & Orifice Vulgatron
16. So Hip-Hop (Remix) – ft. Genesis Elijah
17. Moneys A Bitch – ft. Selesha & Ziggy
18. Dont Interupt – ft. Jabba Tha Kut
19. Ssshhhh

To be honest it seems as though this CD has been out for ages, but apparently it only drops officially in August. The CD is 19 tracks long and is a scorching selection of tracks. It all kicks off with a recording taken from Dubbledge’s performance on the Original Fever show hosted by Rodney P and Skitz, an accapella type intro with a political slant before it is straight into the Shlomo track which is all about the perfect feminine form, a girl which Dubbledge has not met yet.

Although this is really individual tracks the cuts abound and the easygoing diss track from Dabla and Mention shows how you can diss someone without raising your voice. The CD contains some short freestyle type interludes, but the full tracks are as well engineered and thought out as any official LP release. Unauthorised Loss sees Dubbledge spit venom over a tremendous loop before the good vibes of the previously myspaced Internet Song.

Venus features Skrein and Dr Syntax and with the whispered delivery of the vocals make for an extremely mellow strings and flute track focussing on the attributes of girls the MCs have known. Conversely Gyal brings a bashment feel , and Xoalin Monk brings a bouncy comedic element due to the production from Steve Ebola.

3 Way Beatdown has standard but juicy production from the Foreign Beggars producer Dag Nabbit and also features Inja and Orifice Vulgatron on the mic for a classic posse cut. So Hip Hop makes use of a great piano sample for Genesis Elijah to express his tiredness at how things are going with regard to what youngsters believe makes a real man. This is equated to how Hip Hop is progressing and how semi literate MCs are given status.

The CD finishes off with Ssshhh which is produced by GhosTTown and has an abstract feel due to the diversity of sounds and evolving arrangement. All told this is one of the better Mix Tapes and is a great introduction to Dubbledge.

In the future you can look out for more material from Dubbledge which includes work with Vadim, LG & Lopez and Steve Ebola, as well as verbal collaborations with Jehst, Asaviour and Micall Parknsun. All this should also be featured on the Richest Man In Babylon LP. So Dubbledge has big things in store and you are bound to be hearing both sides of his double edged tongue in the near future.

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