DW Smith - Journey to Jotunheim

Bard Picasso Records proudly presents the stunning sequel to DW Smith‘s debut Norse mythology inspired EP ‘Edda‘ with debut album ‘Journey to Jotunheim‘, fully self-produced and outstandingly mixed and mastered by DW himself, proving that this veteran Hip Hop head is more than just an MC, but a man of many talents!

‘Journey to Jotunheim’ delves further into the realms of Viking lore, telling the tale as if it were written in the medieval sagas themselves! Opening track ‘Jotunheim’ sets the pace for the album with samples carefully selected from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s superhero classic ‘Thor’. With tracks aptly titled ‘False Throne‘, ‘Odin‘ and ‘We Feast‘, it’s easy to grasp the concept of the storylines in which DW Smith clinched the inspiration from to create such a audible masterpiece.

Hailing from Cardiff, South Wales, DW Smith has been a mainstay in the Welsh Hip Hop Scene for many years, working on countless projects with various artists worldwide including the illustrious ‘Hellionz‘ trio, South Wales super-collective ‘Red Dragon Gang‘ and also the front man for jazzhop band ‘Dirty Alex‘. if you are familiar with DW’s back catalogue, you will understand the level of passion and intricacy that goes into the art he consistently creates.

Track List:

  1. Jotunheim
  2. New Sagas
  3. False Throne
  4. We Feast (feat. Dick Dastardly)
  5. Odin
  6. Raised By Wolves (feat. Jake The Ripper)
  7. Lokasenna (feat. Pun Ra)
DW Smith - Journey to Jotunheim

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