Dynamite MC is a pro. He’s been in the game for a while now and through his past work he has fully earned his stripes as one of the UK’s favourite story telling MCs. Not only that, but he can also rock a crowd. At the present time he hosts the Monday Hip Hop and RnB show on Kiss 100FM.

You have probably heard of Dynamite MC from his collaborations with Roni Size and the Reprazent crew back in the day as he featured on the award winning New Forms LP. Although he is known as a Drum & Bass MC Hip Hop is where his heart is and for this mixtape Big Man Talk he has returned to his Hip Hop roots after his debut LP of 2004 World Of Dynamite.

The CD kicks off with Dynamite addressing an audience in a posh voice as he explains that he is there to rock the mic. That’s Cold follows with a massive drum break and various high pitched sounds as Dynamite begins to explode all over the beat. This is pure frenetic energy which beautifully takes old days elements and combines with a modern feel.

01. Intro
02. Thats Cold (Part 1)
03. Back To The Future
04. Bring It On
05. Dyna Vs Kanye
06. Any Riddim
07. Johnny
08. Feel This
09. Retro
10. Industry
11. Marmite
12. Life Is So Crazy
13. Skillz
14. 10 Good Reasons ft. Rookwood
15. Blood & Fire
16. Marcus Garvey
17. Return Of The Kung Fu Sample
18. Cheapskate
19. Go In … ft. MCD & Kaners
20. Time ft. Tony Momrell

Things slow down a touch for a strings backed track – Back To The Future in which Dynamite returns from the future to divulge all the information he has taken in on his time travelling journey. Bring It On powered with its bass and stabs makes for a really bouncy track which should set fire to any dance with its semi dark feel.

Freestyle style Dynamite takes the chance to take side swipes at other artists over a largely percussion only backing track on Dyna Vs Kanye. Big orchestration abounds on Feel This. Partly a track about love for the music and a look at how Dynamite got to the point where he is now. Retro changes up the tone as Dynamite chooses to rap over Twilight 22’s Electric Kingdom and Hashim’s Al-Naafiysh for an up tempo Electro track. Dynamite MC shows his versatility as Industry sees Dynamite touch on big Falz style for a real double paced delivery.

Marmite slows things down for a melancholy track produced by Dynamite MC produced track whereas Life Is So Crazy and Skills are straight up Hip Hop which takes no prisoners. Dynamite MC takes a chance to do some educating on Marcus Garvey and flips up some mad samples for the backing track on Return Of The Kung Fu Sample.

Dynamite is able to hold down the full CD and has very few guests. Rookwood features on 10 Good Reasons, MCD and Kaners guest on Go In and for the final track Time, Tony Momrell gets his shine.

Big Man Talk is UK Hip Hop at its lyrical finest. Tracks like Johnny, a typical story rap about an individual growing up and Blood And Fire, a track with a definite dancehall vibe have been getting love on BBC 1Xtra and various pirates around the country. On this release Dynamite has managed to encapsulate lyrics, stories, fresh beats and classic rhythm tacks into one complete package.

Dynamite is on the rise and be sure to be on the lookout for his new LP Styles Galore.

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