EmceeKilla - Mind Of A Tehranist LP [Dealmaker]

An album almost based solely on one man's deep mistrust of all authority might sound daunting but EmceeKilla's Mind Of A Tehranist lightens the blow with upbeat headnod productions and likeable flows.

For just under 50 minutes EmceeKilla speaks a tough message but keeps it fun. The message in question nears on conspiracy theory but challenges how the listener thinks about government and media. Whilst you may not agree with his thoughts, it's certainly good to question the status quo and how much you might be ignoring. Towards the end of the album subject matter lightens and changes a little with More British and Jah Guide.

Brick Wall features Australian MCs Frenic, Koziosko and Plarks and Web Of Deceit features Manage.

Mind of a Tehranist will be out soon on Dealmaker Records and can be bought at Amazon.

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