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Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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Evil Ed And Conspicuous - The Get Together CD [Ottomanelf Music]
User Rating: / 3
Written by Certified Banger   
Wednesday, 29 October 2008

At 15 tracks deep, coming in at just over 50 minutes, ‘The Get Together’ is no hard slog. I’ve already listened to it a few times today and am beginning again; it doesn’t get boring despite the outwardly conventional Hip Hop template.

Evil Ed is known for having produced for Jehst, Yungun and a whole host of other UK names. His production LP ‘The Enthusiast’ featured vocals from Kyza, the Colony, Doc Brown, Tommy Evans and Asaviour amongst others. Conspicuous (aka Conspicuous the Coroner aka Cons) a member of The Colony along with Willo Wispa, Grimlok and Sir Smurf Lil’, has previously dropped two albums, ‘Backgammon’ in ’05 and ‘The Family Photo Album’ last year.

Cons is on point with some carefully constructed verses that proudly display his rhyming ability (probably the reason why ‘81’s Favourite Son’ was sequenced first). The guests contribute only pure fire too, there are no duff appearances and no-one steals anyone else’s shine. It’s not just ‘BBQ’ that has a brotherly BBQ-ish feel; the whole album is like one relaxed cipher. Ed’s production is of a high quality, there are no hastily looped breaks here, no drums slapped on top of some old soul; this is sampling at its most professional and top that, it’ll keep your head nodding all the while.

Stand out tracks come in the form of UK / US posse cut ‘Ill-Out’ and ‘Big Headed’. The former for its jazziness, cuts, contrasting accents and sick lyrics. The latter for the pianos, Willo Wispa’s inimitable slackness and Mudmowth’s mentalness.

‘The Get Together’ serves as a great follow-up album for both artists. With a multitude of big guests, including some from over the pond, the duo has crafted a comprehensive body of work that should garner many spins by any Hip Hop head fortunate to pick up a copy of this.

By: Certified Banger |

Track List:

01. 81's Favourite Son
02. BBQ ft. Seanie T, Doc Brown, Konny Kon, T-Bear, Broke N English (cuts by K-Delight)
03. Marvelous ft. Ric Branson & Grimlok
04. Don't Worry
05. Big Headed ft. Willo Wispa, Mudmouth & Apollo (cuts by Evil Ed)
06. The Get Together
07. Ill-Out ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Jehst, Swave Sevah, Dubbledge & L.I.F.E. Long (cuts by Eddie Skratch)
08. Where Did We Go Wrong (skit)
09. You & Me (Never Could Happen)
10. Time After Time ft. Cobane, Shameless & Sir Smurf Lil
11. Sinister (synth by AH Fly)
12. The Night ft. Willo Wispa, Iceman & Yung Blud
13. Forgive & Forget ft. Cal-I
14. Outro (Goodbye)
15. BBQ (remix)

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