Forbidden Tongues - Sketches In Black And White CD [Hidden Chamber]

In a UK hip hop sea swimming with 10 a penny Myspace rappers there’s few albums I’ve been offered lately as strong as Manchester’s Forbidden Tongues– ‘Sketches In Black and White’.

For real.

Strong quality beats reminiscent, but not style biting, of that golden era sound. I might be wrong and I reckon he raised himself on a good diet of Wu Tang and EPMD. It’s definitely UK though.

Each featured artist sounds unique over well developed sounds.

Immediate stand outs are: ‘Tales From The Scrypt part 1’ featuring Fluid, for engaging story telling and emotion provoking beats and ‘Fallen Angels’ featuring Guilty and Brother Ghazi for good flow and nice hook.

Verdict: Go get it.

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Jay Diamond

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