Fr4nkie - Overview Effect

Manchester’s Fr4nkie (Formerly known as: XP Burstgang) a prominent member of the UK Grime scene, is has released his highly anticipated sophomore project, “Overview Effect“. This project stands as a testament to Fr4nkie’s life work, representing a stylistic evolution and maturity from his previous releases.

“Overview Effect” boasts an impressive line-up of underground collaborations, featuring artists such as LPNoID, Illy From Da NW Side, Cosmo Laurie, Trapson, Dizmack, Masovelli, and Manchester Hypes.

Produced by bass music royalty Trolley Snatcha, this project is a sonic amalgamation that showcases Fr4nkie’s versatility, blending Road Rap and Grime influences with elements of folk and guitar music.

Tracks like “To Be Frank” delve into the realities of street life in the UK, while “Brick In The Wall” offers a fresh take on folk and guitar sounds. “Benzema” introduces a unique twist to the traditional ballad, reflecting Fr4nkie’s diverse life experiences.

The project in its entirety serves as a window into Fr4nkie’s mind, offering a polished listening experience that resonates differently with each music fan based on their own life experiences.

Words by: Benson Hedges


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