Freyed Knot - That Bradfunk LP [Sinoptic Music]
That Bradfunk’ is an eclectic break down of ExP’s personal lines and the rest of the groups undeniable soul funk. ‘Knot That Bad’ is a proper anthem in its own right. Again, Freyed Knot are actually staying true to their roots, spitting about what they know as opposed to what Krs-One knew ten years ago…

And as a Bradfordian it’s damn good to hear. For the live factor, I can see this one going down a treat. I’ll sing along for sure. Lyrically, ‘Knot That Bad’ isn’t particularly deep or metaphorical. But the immediate effect the positive flows have on you is just as inspiring as Rakim’s metaphors and similes. ‘I complain about Bradford but it’s not that bad, and if it is that bad, I’ll just get pissed and laugh…HA’.

The start of ‘In The Heat’ makes me think of Iggy Pop. But it develops into another fairly original and funky number. ‘Deep In The Valley’ already raised my expectations by its title. Reminding me of Coolio’s classic ‘Gangster Paradise’; ‘Deep in the valley of the shadow of death…’ But in reality it kind of takes the piss. ‘Deep in the valley of the river of Aire I was there stroking my gingerish hair’. Yeh. Think I’ll leave that one there…

Gotta say though; I’m on a very thin fence when it comes to skits. If they don’t enhance the music or provide us with more insight into the artist, they rip decent discs to pieces. As far as their ‘Radio Skit’ goes, whatever bangs your drum I guess. But it seems like a poorly used 41 seconds to me.

Freyed KnotFreyed Knot seem to be so intent on staying real to their own ends that they forget to make their music accessible to a wider audience. Yes, the beats will probably do it for anyone. But little random lines, and this radio skit make them seem less developed and experienced than the rest of the album shows us they actually are. But perhaps this is something that will always make them who they are.

When you think about some of the old school ish… I’m especially thinking Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav here and perhaps even the Beastie Boys – they did a similar thing in their own way, and on occasions it worked. While on others, you feel as though if you were from NYC you’d probably appreciate it, but in reality it fucking winds you up.

However, Freyed Knot deserve a right ol’ pat on the back for throwing in two jams where any other act would have put in one of those fuckwit phone convos about them trying to cop some weed. Not just that – the jams are ingenious in themselves. A buck parade of natural talent and an open minded manipulation of their instruments that raises the entire album to a whole new level of funk. And dayymn is it good to hear some live drums as opposed to digitally created soulless crap.

Rumour has it that these folk provide one hell of a live show and the album doesn’t just give that away. It sprays it all over your face. It’s pretty impossible to listen without wanting to witness a bit of Bradfunk live….

As practically the only hip hop group repping the B’ford ends – I’m glad it’s Freyed Knot who are holding it down. And do you know what? If given the choice, I reckon most of us would pick them as our main maestros all over again.

By Nino

 Freyed Knot

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