Frisco Boogie - Sunflowers In September

Frisco Boogie is back with a slice of chilled Hip Hop with a few surprises thrown in. So sit back and chill with the laid back soundscape!

Sunflowers In September has this deeply emotive vibe to it where Frisco Boogie takes his time speak on a lot of personal subject’s that you will find touching and that you can easily relate to but, more than that, he tackles everything here with an uplifting vibe that says ‘no matter where you are or situations you find yourself in, you can bounce back, there is a silver lining and there is a light at the end of that tunnel, and he does that by speaking from personal experience‘.

Musically you will find this album to be more laid back and calm than previous offerings but, with the depth of emotions laid bare by his lyrical content, you will see how everything here works so well and in harmony. There are times when he is telling a story that he knows will touch you, then there are moments when he sounds like your best friend talking to you and further, he even sounds like a guardian angel figure who is encouraging you not to quit and to trust in yourself.

Sunflowers In September is one of those albums that you can easily put on and chill to and that will open you up to just enjoying the experience or even have you looking a bit more deeply at yourself and asking questions about your own life.

Overall, it is a quality and solid album that has its roots in Hip Hop whist drawing influences from other genres to enhance the feeling of the music where needed. It is definitely one that you need to experience for yourself.

Words: Steve Rider

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Frisco Boogie

Frisco Boogie - Sunflowers In September

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