G-Clef Da Mad Komposa - G-Clef's Jazzy Breaks vol.1 LP [Soulkid]

G-Clef da Mad Komposa, aka Amadeus Melchizedek, is the founder, producer, and visionary behind both the Soul Kid Klik and Soul Kid Records. The artist formerly known as G-Clef seeks now to unite the world utilizing modern-day hip-hop, so that the planet we refer to as earth may take its rightful place in the universe. Having been alive since almost the dawn of civilization, he has added to his mastery of beatmaking, a new form of lyrical skills he calls verbal alchemy.

Originally pressed as a two part series back in 1996, G-Clef's Jazzy Breaks has now been reissued due to popular demand, via special arrangement between Soulkid Records & Fat Beats Distribution. The first LP, G-Clef's Jazzy Breaks, Volume 1 has earned legendary status in the annals of Hip-Hop / Jazz, as G-Clef Da Mad Komposa's “Ghetto Philharmonic” project on Tuff City Records back in 1993 has been cited as the first true Jazz and Hip-Hop fusion with singles dating back to 1992, and demos dating back to 1989.

On “Jazzy Breaks”, G-Clef released this LP independently in order to really stretch out and experiment production-wise, mixing extremely rare jazz samples with chopped breaks, and live horns and keys. What resulted was a very tasteful, innovative, yet entirely music fusion, with moods ranging from mystical eeriness to the cool and mellow.

G-Clef Da Mad Komposa - G-Clef's Jazzy Breaks vol.1 LP [Soulkid]

Track List:

Side A
1. Newbop Lounge
2. Melanin From Hannibal     
3. Confusion Swings
4. Mad Drama
5. Club Goodfella
6. Peaceful Strut     

Side B
1. Little As Vibe     
2. Split Personality
3. Sledges Hypnosis
4. Back Up Off Me
5. Hint From the Future, Take 1
6. Hint From the Future, Take 2

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