George Fields - From the Sticks LP [UTS Records]

George Fields, to many an unknown entity, is a young producer from Dorset UK who is setting an extremely high standard with his work. This 10 track instrumental project is a labour of love that any discerning listener will be keeping close to hand (ear) for years to come. Clearly a producer with a love for vinyl, the sample choices, drum programming and quality of mixing and mastering is undeniable and comparable to any contemporary ‘big studio’ release.

The mood of the record remains largely the same – a soundscape set in 90s New York – laid back mid tempo jazzy grooves with crisp boombap drums, reminiscent of the great Lewis Parker. However Mr Fields has his own sound which reveals itself through his use of horns, vibraphones, (amongst others sounds put through the MPC60) with familiar but not blatant samples to great an overall ambiance for each track.

This ambiance brings the tracks together as a whole very nicely, making the record a satisfying listen from beginning to end. Much consideration was also taken with the packaging of the vinyl release, a limited hand-numbered pressing of 300, and a collector’s item amongst supporters of real Hip Hop worldwide.

By: Esh | IBMCs on Facebook

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By Esh

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