Gist aka The Essence - Young, Gifted & Black CD [Transcendent Music]

Gist aka The Essence, one of Hip-Hop's best unsigned secrets, releases his new album "Young, Gifted & Black" on October 6, 2007 throughout New York City and the five boroughs. The theme track Young, Gifted & Black has been played weekly on NY radio stations WQHT (Hot 97.1) and WWPR (Power 105.1). The song is a tremendous feel good track with great uplifting orchestration and some quite positive lyrics.

Gist's video for Young, Gifted & Black was featured on attracting over 85,000 views in the past 3 weeks, nearly 75,000, occurring a couple of days ago on October 4th, just hours before his album release.

Feel Good Music also brings this sweetly sampled production over which Gist describes the type of music he makes and how this will enable him to get his share of the shine. A Mowtown feel is engendered by the production over which Gist demonstrates why he has enjoyed so much interest so far in his career.

Times Of The Essence
is another great production from an LP of great sounding tracks. Opening with some great horns and bongos this one beautifully smooth, but Gist starts off sounding a bit gruffer than on the other tracks, and I have to say I prefer his more silky style. This one features Nikita who offers a contrast in the chorus. The second verse has a couple of mad drops which don't quite fit into the flow of the track for me, but the use of the blues guitar raises this song up a notch.

New, young, and fresh, emcee Gist aka the Essence hails from one of Hip-Hop music's most influential boroughs – Queens, New York. The unsigned artists recently ranked among the top two artist in Rap Artist 50 Cent's "On the Rise Rap Contest" this past September 2007 hosted on

His informal album release announcement on Sept 11, 2007, also attracted over 20,000 viewers to his website to preview songs for his new album. Having completed over 70 performances throughout the east coast in the last three years, industry reports say Gist aka the Essence is destined to momentously emerge in mainstream commercial Hip-Hop once signed to a major label.

Like many Hip-Hop emcees, Gist aka the Essence comes from humble beginnings and draws musical inspiration from his life experience and surroundings. He is typically regarded for his dynamic word play, and multi-themed rap songs.


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