Grimey Limeys - Secret Society CD [Grimey Limeys]

The Grimey Limeys crew consists of Sloth (rapper / producer), Peck (rapper), Jonny Gutta (rapper), Kolbi (producer) and Avee (producer). The Limeys started out in 1999 on London’s Raw FM. In 2004 the limeys dropped the infamous Big Boot CD) which sold an impressive 7000+ units which is good going for a UK debut. The Limeys have collaborated with many people in the scene from Gemma Fox to Asher D.

The name initially didn’t do too much for me as it sounds as though it is a name that maybe the Americans would give us, rather than something that we would choose for ourselves. Additionally on first inspection the CD artwork didn’t grab me either which has imagery based on the US dollar bill and even features some dollar bills being gripped in the picture. However these symbols of a pyramid and an eye within it are also emblematic of the Illuminati and the Masons and as such is fitting for a CD entitled Secret Society.

So is the CD as it promises going to delve into deeper subject matter than we are often confronted with these days? Well the answer is positively affirmative.

Grimey Limeys - Secret Society CD [Grimey Limeys]
01. Intro
02. E.S.P.
03. Skit
04. Secret Agent
05. Skit
06. Lies
07. Skit
08. Jahbullon
09. Conspiracy Theories
10. Hyrum
11. Skit
12. Slaves
13. Skit
14. Bomberman
15. Brainwashed
16. Secret Society
17. Listen For A Minute
18. Skit
19. Imagine
20. Outro

The new 20 track CD Secret Society does its best to expose all the dark secrets of the rich and powerful and is bound to open your eyes. The CD is a break from the everyday "gat, drug and gangster" talk of the strangely prevalent commercial hip hop.

Lies is all about the Masons and how they control a large proportion of society and how once you are educated to it you can see their imagery wherever you look. Jahbullon is all about the Devil as the MCs in turn take over this persona as he describes how he is controlling the worlds destiny via his minions on earth.

Conspiracy Theories explores how the TV is indeed polluting the population with secret messages and looks into many theories some obscure like David Icke’s Reptillain theory, or the fact that we came from space and asks what is Area 51 all about? Hyrum explores the Masons further and elaborates on their initiation procedures and the true historical meaning.

Slaves looks at globablisation and the New World Order and how the ancient secret societies are increasing their grip on the world via governments they have in their debt. The slaves referred to here are the general populous who remain brainwashed and milked to the hilt via taxes.

Tracks like Bomberman are self explanatory as it looks into the mind of a terrorist and their motivation, whereas Brainwashed looks at how computer games are turning kids more violent and incorporates the Tetris theme nicely. The LP finishes off with Imagine which imagines that the end of the world is nigh and graphically and imaginatively describes what will happen.

The MCs have some great flows and grip the mics with consummate professionalism. They have UK accents and each sound a bit different giving enough variety to the tracks considering that there are no guest spots on offer here. Their verses do have a particularly poetic feel which is probably added to because they put themselves in other people’s shoes and rap from that perspective rather than bigging themselves up.

There is quite a few skits on the LP which add to the themes mostly taking the form of eavesdropped phone calls which can be repeated calls to a taxi service from someone trying to save the world who is having getting the service he requires, or knowledge being dropped by someone who appears to be on the inside.

The majority of the production is largely electronically realised and I certainly like a touch of sampling and scratching which is lacking here. But having said that it is not annoying or grating like some simplistic keyboard or synth tracks out there. Mostly it is mid tempo Hip Hop, but there is a sprinkling of more upbeat clubby productions.

Unsurprisingly this CD has received some outstanding reviews from people like: and Uptownrecords no less, and now can be added to the list. It is a tremendous LP which is entirely based around a theme, a concept LP if you like, a feat that is rarely achieved, nor pulled off with this skill. If you have an open mind to this sort of subject matter it will speak to you directly and it is a brave release in this political climate, especially when so many people will dismiss a lot of the content out of hand.

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