Hanif-Jamiyl - Krushed Grapes CD [Bukarance]

Maspyke member Hanif Jamiyl hails from Massachusetts and has a great wealth of experience under his belt. Hanif’s debut solo album Krushed Grapes is a sexy, nasty, yet classy taste of the lost art of hip-hop and R&B.

According to Hanif, "This whole album is influenced by the female creature… men will feel this album… but women will taste it". Largely devoted to the art of “movin' butts”, this record will be a dancefloor favorite.

The production and sound of this LP are classic old skool with a touch of funk and as such sounds great. The vocals have a touch of ATCQ or Slum Village or some other classic sound, but the lyrics can verge on a masturbatory fantasy. Not saying I don’t feel it, but just that I would have to be in the right mood to put up with Hanif’s way of communicating his love of the opposite sex, because for me there are occasions when it comes over as being a bit lacking in respect.

This is especially evident in the skits which are too numerous and too long, but Hanif is also able to demonstrate his humourous side as well. The LP starts off weakly, but heats up as the album progresses. The high points of the fourteen track LP include  and My Lament, It Ain’t Much and Wet Dream.

With beats by the likes of producers 88-Keys and Allstar as well as Belief, Fire, Jbless and Le Ne, it feels like a classic hip-hop / R&B music lover’s wet dream. This project will be something special, something new that gives you that old feeling, but it is also a bit sloppy and is like a concept LP full of Hanif’s dreams. Whilst some people may live like that, or think in that manner I have a bit more of a hardcore edge and perhaps need something that has a counter balance. Regardless this is good music, and amiably demonstrates the undeniable power that it has over the female body.

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