Haze - Once Upon A Time In London CD [Eurogang]

Eurogang member Haze is proud to announce that his Once Upon A Time In London mixtape is now available for purchase on ITunes. Haze, the South London element of Eurogang delivers this his first solo project emphasising his abilities as a story teller and an entertainer.

This 20 track insight which solidifies Haze's presence within Hip-Hop is hosted by mixtape King, DJ Lust and boasts appearances by Chicago quartet Qualo (Universal) and fellow Eurogang brethren, Villain and Mayhem, one half of the SAS duo has this to say about him, "Haze  shows a deeper side when he raps, whilst helping  listeners visualize pitfuls of huslting in the streets when u trying to chase a dream".

The mixtape title is a twist on the cult classic movie, but in his version Haze is giving a first hand account of what struggles and day to day encounters a young man may face growing up in London. Once upon a Time in London features the poignant track Heroes, the video for which has been featured on MTV Base and Channel U.

HazeThe track has the MC paying his respects to those  who many cite as inspirational both culturally and musically. "The track is  basically a dedication to the people I look at as heroes. Those that came before me; that fought for something that without their fight I might not have even been in a position to do what I'm doing right now", the rapper explains. "I am keeping their names alive, as people seem to forget the people that fought for us to be here. It's basically a letter talking to Pac, Big, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Bob Marley and Huey Newton. I want it to make an impression for Black History Month".

To watch Heroes please click this link:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXPqxsu6Td8

Haze is currently busy in the studio working on a street album tentativley titled Essence which is slated for a summer release. "This is more of a prolific album, I am hoping that it will show fans and industry a like how I just keep bettering myself as an all round artist".

Determined to make himself a permanent fixture in the music industry, Haze is guaranteed to bring to fans of real street stories and creative wordplay, music that can not be denied.

Haze - Once Upon A Time In London CD [Eurogang]


01. Intro
02. Once Upon a Time in London
03. The Summary
04. Straight Drop
05. What's Your Life Like
06. Roadside
07. Grammy Freestyle
08. Keeping on Riding feat. Villain
09. No Fear
10. Soul Music feat. Mega (SAS)
11. Lost Souls
12. Roll the Dice
13. FTP feat SAS
14. The Future feat. Eurogang
15. Reality Rap feat. Pak Man & Villain
16. The Truth Freestyle
17. This is What We Ride To feat. Qualo
18. Show Me a Sign feat. Mega (SAS) & Villain
19. Heroes
20. Bad Boys – BONUS TRACK

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