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Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Homecut - No Freedom Without Sacrifice LP [First Word]
User Rating: / 7
Written by Certified Banger   
Tuesday, 09 June 2009
Homecut - No Freedom Without Sacrifice LP [First Word]No Freedom Without Sacrifice: never has a more beautiful flower sprung up from the dirt of UK Hip Hop. The album opens slowly over the course of three tracks and by the end of the opening trilogy the flower is in full bloom. Homecut's debut album is one to set aside an hour for - sit back and relax... and listen.

This LP is relaxing and calming in a way that only instrumental Hip Hop achieves, although there are exceptions - Innovators is funky and Night At The Fair has a rock edge to it. Homecut sings and raps his way through 14 tracks and is joined by many talented musicians along the way. And that's what this album is; musical - these are proper songs.

Jazz, funk and disco all provide an influence for Homecut's production and No Freedom Without Sacrifice is a melting pot of musical styles. Homecut (AKA Testament) is an accomplished rapper with a laidback style and introspective lyrics - prepare for your thoughts to be provoked on subjects such as mixed-race relationships, modern escapism, financial woes and crime.

But don't prepare to be depressed - that's just not Homecut's style - positivity is the way. Listen out for Homecut's playful lyricism ("I breath in the analogue and breath out the digital" or "I appreciate the feedback").

No Freedom Without Sacrifice is out now on First Word Records and is available at itunes, Amazon and First Word's shop.

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Homecut - No Freedom Without Sacrifice LP [First Word]

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