Ill Move Sporadic - Drug Corpse LP [Starch Records]

Drug Corpse sees IMS teaming up with new vocal collaborators such as; Cappo, Geebag, TPS FAM, More1, Cor Stadik, Deeflux and Efeks, as well as collaborations with long-time associates Joey Menza, Theme, Oliver Sudden and more. All chosen for their individuality style and incredible artistic abilities.

Musically gritty, bleak and stripped down to the bare bones. The signature sound of IMS is evident throughout this recording, hard drums fire out from the MPC, disturbing analogue soundbites and soulful voice snatches cut in and out. Bass lines twist and roll underneath while the crackle of old vinyl cuts thru the mix from start to finish. Pushing the sonic boundaries IMS give you their unique style. Originality being the key in every track while giving a nod to the architects of that golden era Hip Hop sound.

Drug Corpse is available as a bundle pack of formats. The pack includes a Jewel case CD, a 74 Min Tape Cassette and a Starch Records medical prescription – this prescription includes a download code to acquire the album in high quality MP3 format.

Ill Move Sporadic (I.M.S) – Drug Corpse Track List):

01. Drugtro
02. Face Down ft. Efeks
03. Recitals Of Pain ft. Tenchoo and Joey Menza
04. No Way About It ft. Cappo
05. Overload ft. Gee Bag and Downstroke
06. Dringterlude
07. Difficult ft. Deeflux
08. Bring It Out (Skit)
09. Sound Of Pain ft. Omar Teknology
10. Drastic Blows ft. Theme
11. Finish This ft. Joey Menza
12. Enter The Winter ft. Cor Stidak
13. Triplets ft. Joey Menza, Oliver Sudden & More1
14. Realer Dealer ft. Theme
15. Along For The Ride
16. Written Madness ft. Tps
17. Bruiser ft. Omar Teknology

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Ill Move Sporadic ft. Joey Menza – Triplets Part 1

Ill Move Sporadic ft. Omar Teknology – Sound of Pain

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