Indiens - Indiens Mix CD Pt. II CD [Redspins]

Indiens are a crew from Colarado who are repping for the indigenous peoples of North America. The crew Indiens is a trio comprising: Arohed, Talksik, and K. The band is also currently featuring Red Giant. When we spoke to Talksilk he explained that the Indiens bring you voices from the reservation, the street, and the heartland.

He went on to explain that Native Americans today are highly active in hip-hop but often with limited means remain mostly under-represented in a larger hip-hop community. He went on to express his misgivings about how the rest of the USA feels about them. In 2006, many people still don’t know Native Americans are in their backyard, corner, and in the streets. Part of rectifying this problem is the band and the messages they aim to spread via their music.

Indiens - Talksilk
01. Lakota Fashion
02. Melting
03. Redspins
04. Pol Interlude
05. Run
06. Beatz
07. Stalker
Indiens - Arohed

A lot of young natives express themselves through lyrics and songs which is new to many people. Indiens have resided in New York City, the mountains of Colorado, and in Denver, CO. In Denver Indiens have seen the effect of the politically active era of the 1960’s and 70’s failing to evolve. With a few minor live performances under their belt, Indiens has been hard at work to bring the sounds. So sample a taste of Indiens flavour.

Having formed Redspins Productions the Indiens are set to get busy and the first material I have got to check is this Indiens Mix CD Pt.II. It is a seven track affair, but not mixed at all! Anyway, it gets going with Lakota Fashion. Immediately the production is booming. The MCs have smooth deliveries as they ably explain their tribe history.

Melting comes with a particularly abstract backing with a whole heap of weird electrical sounds over which the MCs explain about the pressures they are under both in terms of the environment they live in and the racism the experience on a daily basis from society. The Indiens anthem is Redspins which links the Haitian connection as the chorus is delivered in French. These guys are in the middle of a war and if they are stepped to in the wrong way they can retaliate in a way you wouldn’t like, but in all reality all they are looking for is some recognition and respect.

The Indiens can see how they are on a path through life and along the way people have tried to eradicate them. Their beliefs are gained from the teachings of their elders. This mid paced flute / whistle track entitled Run is about trying to avoid and get away from all the trouble. But, as they say they can’t keep running and at some point they need to take a stand. The CD continues with Beatz possibly the standout track which is all about the original bassline. As with all of the songs there is a strong theme which ends wit the message that all natives should try to avoid the government’s entrapment.

Finally the CD comes to an end with Stalker another bumping production, this time about a girl who is still chasing a bloke despite his unavailability. I feel the MCs need to work a touch on the clarity of their spitting, some of it coming over a touch mumbled. Maybe this is due to the recording equipment, but I am sure it is something that can be over come. Probably connected to this is the inconsistent vocal volumes which vary up and down. With more breath control this will improve naturally.

Overall a very interesting offering which comes from a different an enlightening perspective.

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