Inja - Bass Music / Escapism LP [INR]

Bass Music / Escapism is more than a music album. It’s a sixteen-track journey. A f*cking loud journey best made with your head placed neatly between two subwoofers, eyes closed. A journey through the raves, festivals, carnivals and stage shows of Inja‘s daily routine. Into the sweet, unadulterated blast of pleasure known to us as Bass. Undoubtedly man’s finest invention since the wheel.

Inja is a bassline Michelin. He cooks it, chews it up and spits it down mics into sweaty crowds most days before you’ve even thought about getting up for breakfast. His day jobs cover residencies at two of the UK’s largest dubstep and drum n bass nights, he hosts the UK and World DMC Championships, tours with hip-hop legends Taskforce, drum n bass guru DJ Die and between June and September, will mostly be seen smashing the headline spot of legendary Chai Wallah festival stages as part of the ‘Bioviolence presents The Skuff and Inja Show‘. This man doesn’t sleep. He performs, and loves it. With Inja’s third album release it seems his stage show presence has been swallowed in massive mouthfuls of drum step, dubstep, drum n bass, hip-hop, reggae and funk.

From the immediate dirty electronics of the albums drum step intro, Inja steps up hard in the first full length piece to mark a masterful display of cross genre hyper-activity, jumping explosively from hip-hop to dubstep to drumstep in one breath. For the next six tracks the pace remains toxic, thumping from the festival bassline anthems of Fat Love to the hip-hop-drum n bass explosion of March to the lighter, more relaxed carnavelesque parties of Pepper Sauce.

The album divides at Summer Of Love, a more chilled out hip-hop vibe to cool down from the summer heat. Raves over, rain back, its time to reflect. The final four tracks get off stage to bring a bit of the smoother, more personal musings so well received in Inja’s first two albums. From life as a new dad to neurosis to the sweet scent of Dutch trees, this section is a genius addition to the live bass which will likely still be ringing in your ears as you make a dirty cup of Tetley’s, close your eyes and lie back.

This is a clever, diverse and reflective album by an emcee who knows how to go live, loves bass, and wants to share that basic bassline pleasure with whoever cares to listen. And unsurprisingly, it’s best heard live. The album will be touring as part the ‘Bioviolence presents The Skuff and Inja Show’ during 2012-13.

Released: 12th March 2012

Track List:

01. Bass Music Intro
02. Transformer Bass (prod. Ritchie Spits)
03. Fat Love (prod. Bioviolence)
04. Rip Out The Sound (prod. Bioviolence)
05. March (prod Bioviolence)
06. Pepper Sauce (prod. Edsik)
07. Gone With The Wind (prod. 184)
08. Middle Finger Salute ft. Skuff (prod. Bioviolence)
09. Summer Of Love (prod. Nutty P)
10. Escapism Skit
11. Miss Placed (prod. Inja)
12. Float With Me (prod. Mr Constant)
13. Looking Good (prod. Chairman Maf)
14. Daddy Cool (prod. Wizard)
15. Night Falls (prod. Inja)
16. You First (Dedication to Little) (prod. 184)

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