Instance - Dem*o*graph*ic CD [Crackhouse]

Demographic is defined as: Factors and issues characterizing changes in the human population (or segments of the human population) over time. Instance is an artist compelled to create a historical log of the challenges facing humanity in the near future.

The issues that concern him – income, social deprivation, a globalised world – are ones we all face regardless of background or geographical location. Demographic is therefore both a unique product of the individual at a moment in time, and yet also a typical reflection on the universal human condition.

The essence of the album lies in his interpretation of the many ways in which society is breaking down, from the scourge of drug addiction on the streets to the modern slave trade we now encounter in the most socially acceptable and informal manifestation ever seen.

The atmosphere of “Demographic” is at times optimistic, but also represents the claustrophobia and tension of life in the U.K, set against the backdrop of an increasingly corporate world.

Musically, Instance's rhymes and the eclectic range of beats produced by Mike D aka Sonar Cousin (Subterrania), Skuza (Big Tuska Sounds) and Darkstar (Argonauts) encompass hip-hop, grime, dub-step and garage.

This contemporary fusion of sounds contributes to a defiantly modern urban album from the North of England's finest independent record label, Crackhouse Recordings.



01. Tomorrow's World
02. The Situation
03. Game feat PCP
04. Slaves feat Claire Cameron
05. As The World Turns feat PCP and No Change
06. Chemistry (skit)
07. Jackanory Stories
08. LS6
09. Q???????s feat Angel S
10. Population (skit)
11. Demographic feat Claire Cameron
12. Rinse 'Em Out
13. BTF
14. Mass Produced feat PCP, No Change, Lyrical Dan, Enoch
15. Come with me
16. Where you at?

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