Intermet is originally from just South of London, but went to Cardiff University and much of his formative Hip Hop years were spent there. Originally a DJ, the lack of decks in his halls forced him to try his hand at MCing. After practicing at home his first showcase was in Exeter, Devon where one of the highlights was performing alongside Rodney P.

He was to get out more in and around Cardiff, making Higher Learning his base. He then moved back to London and had to step up his game as he took u the mic at the Jump Off, Kung Fu and Deal Real. Recently he has been concentrating on making music and this It Was Given As A Gift is one of the results, and 500 copies have been distributed free!

Intermet - It Was Given As A Gift CD [Demo]
01. It Was Given As A Gift Mix Version
02. Tiger Life
03. Here With Me
04. Alone With The TV
05. Got No Base
06. Can’t Have Can’t Rap
07. Marta
08. What Have I Got To Do

When this CD was thrust into my hand at a jam I didn’t clock who it was or what the CD was, but I am glad I put in my pocket and saved it to check out later. The CD starts with a 27 minute mix version of the demo, followed by the individual seven tracks. The first track is Tiger Life which is produced by Buttermeltz. The standard Hip Hop fare is well put together the structure nicely defined verses and choruses. A solid opening from Intermet about the things that inspire him and the tings that are desired characteristics in an individual.

Here With Me is also produced by Buttermeltz. This one is a real hitter with a great piano sample that just fits the subject matter as Intermet describes what it is like to be apart from a loved one. Intermet certainly has a knack for expressing his emotions in his rhymes. Alone With The TV which is on a more of a modern tip as Intermet again gets a bit emotional with his rhymes as he raps double time about preparing for a date where he plans to ask his girl to marry him.
DJ Bounce provides the backing for Got No Base which is reminiscent of Jeru’s Come Clean beatwise. There is something that sounds quite demoey about this track which is probably down to the way it is mixed, but because of this Intermet’s lyrics are loud and come over extra clear so you can detail exactly what he is saying. Can’t Have Can’t Rap which this time is delivered by beatsmith Obelix is a sinister discourse on how Intermet made it to where he is now.

Marta again leans towards Intermet’s style of expressing his feelings and this time its about getting some digits and progressing to falling in love real quick. A first love is always hard to get over, but this experience has left Intermet stronger and prepared for more conquests. The song is completed by the instrumental from Jedi Mind Tricks’ Animal Rap Remix which is a good choice. The final track on this CD is What Have I Got To Do for which Intermet enlists the help of another of his producers – Mike Quick. Intermet is still a work in progress and the material needs a bit of polishing, but never the less demo’s can still be appreciated and this is one of them.

Look out for Intermet’s up coming project From the Rock Bottom Up which should be completed soon and out later this year.

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