J. Karma- The Next Level MP3 [Indie]

London born emcee J. Karma, now residing in Norwich, is really creating a buzz and his latest release The Next Level has already had a string of solid reviews from some of the UK's leading on-line magazines and blogs and features Grime star Little Dee who was a member of Roll Deep before joining The OG'z alongside P Money and Blacks.

The mixtape also features Tommy Bones, as well as UK Hip-Hop veterans DPF and Reds from Chronic Redye and UK rappers Franko Fraize and Jammin Kane. This is one seriously tight release so make sure you download it now, this is quality music throughout and a must for all fans of Grime, Hip-Hop and Urban Music.

Track List:

01. Intro
02. Cocky As Fuck
03. Over Here Feat. Tommy Bones & Little Dee
04. Follow Me
05. Is That It?
06. Big Money
07. Intermission I
08. Round And Round
09. On Fire
10. Complete
11. Neveragain
12. Intermission II
13. Keep Pushin' Feat. Franko Fraize
14. Don't Need You
15. Raw Feat. Reds & DPF
16. Let Me Break It Down
17. Sick With The Mic Feat. Jammin Kane

Tracks 3 and 15 Produced by Mrs Dark (aka Darkhorse)

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