Not a lot of Liverpudlian Hip Hop makes it down to me. The stuff I have heard is alright, but can sound a touch dated to me. It may also be somewhat of a stereotype, but I tend to think that Scouse MCs are best when they are acting like scallies or playing the humour card. Jambon does both of these things, but also has a few other tricks up his sleeve.

Jambon is from Liverpool and is apparently well known around his local environs for putting on nights at the Cavern Club and Lemon Lounge and seems to be one of the people that is building the scene. Most of the tracks on the EP are produced by The Mak Of All Trades with the scratches being provided by DJ Rasp.

01. Serving Scouse
02. 5 Inch Rims
03. Stress
04. Jambons Workout
05. Plastic Rappers
06. Natural Disaster

The track from which the LP takes its name – Serving Scouse which plays up to all the stereotypes of permed hair, big ‘tashes and shell suits etc. Other topics include robbing and fiddling the state benefits. To me this is a bit of a played out idea, but Jambon manages to pull it off through his sheer energy and obvious enthusiasm and the tongue in cheek way he delivers it, noting that this is a gimmik. This one is produced by Mr Fleet and the live bass is provided by Mak. Overall it has a light-hearted feel with the use of horn stabs and a flute and sets up the rest of the EP well.

5 Inch Rims is one of the stand out tracks and is absolutely hilarious. Ready to take the piss out of himself at every opportunity, on this Jambon compares his current broke pocket lifestyle to what he would rather have. Jambon drops in his own accent and manages to keep his flows sounding fresh making for a quite different vibe. Make sure you check out the comical video for it on YouTube where Jambon trades down his wheels for a go-kart amongst many Benny Hill style chases.

There appears to be an error on the CD sleeve as Stress follows which is not mentioned on the back. This is a down tempo track with a ploddy beat with wah wah guitars and classical type strings as well as a haunting high pitched whistle are thrown in the mix. As you would guess Jambon takes this time to divulge the things that are causing him grief, but also widens out the topic to pay reference to others throughout the word who have it bad as well.

Jambons Workout raises the pace a bit or an intensive track with some cow bell percssion in the production and its all about Jambon heading out to the gym and getting in shape. As well as being a home based workout, Jambon can’t keep up with the ideals he previously espoused as he lets us in on the secret that he is a bit of a couch potato. Regardless this could well get a dance floor shuddering.

The penultimate track Plastic Rappers is Jambon’s turn to turn on all the wack rappers that he despises. Not just straight abuse though, Jambon intelligently makes more of his metaphors and keep it funny as well. This one sounds like there is two MCs, but maybe it is just Jambon playing two parts as no one else is credited.

The EP finishes off with Natural Disaster which could be the weakest track due to the beat which has a very repetitive bass and lacks some groove. Overall the EP is pretty tasty as Jambon has shown that he has a great deal of ability and confidence. He is also putting his grind in on road and so be sure to be on the look out for him.

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