Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family LP [YNR]

Any fan of UK hip Hop has been hearing about the brewing of this album for years now and it’s finally here! Well, almost.

I feel very privileged to have a very early press copy of this album and after hearing it, I couldn’t wait to let you all know how damn good it is. Yes, its true. This is the Jehst that we all know and love and he has managed to bring us a full length album of new tracks that hit all of the right buttons.

From the first time I listened to the full CD I was as impressed as I was when I first heard his “High Plains Drifter” EP all of those 10 years ago!

From the first track “True Intentions” the album moves from waves of hard hitting, heavy beats with crashing symbols to the regular “sit back and kick it” types of tracks with meaningful lyrics throughout.

Continuing to ignore conformity and acting out as the rebel, his track “England” stood out from the rest for me. Taking a realistic look at England today and highlighting some of the not so hidden truths about the current way life in our country, whilst always showing that love for the nation.

One more track that I think you should look out for is “Old No.7”. A great head nodding tune that makes you feel right at home in the streets of London (even though it probably shouldn’t). I had this album on my headphones on the way to work this morning and was gutted when I arrived because I had to turn it off. I’ll be sure to turn it back on when that clock hits 5pm.

Release Date: 27th June 2011

By: Kris Drew

Track List:

01. True Intention
02. 2. Killer Instinct
03. Zombies
04. Thinking Crazy
05. England
06. Camberwell Carrots
07. Starting Over
08. Old No.7
09. The Illest
10. Sounds Like Money
11. Back to the Drawing Board
12. Poison
13. Interlude
14. Tears in the Rain
15. Timeless
16. Two Point Four (The Dragon…)

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