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YNR entrusted him with the opening track on their label showpiece Feeding Time At The Zoo and listening to Northborough Estate Project it's easy to tell why. Joker has upped his game – nothing you have heard can have prepared you for what surely is one of the best releases so far this year.

Officially it's a mixtape but it does feature full tracks with original production as well as verses over pilfered beats – the former truly stand out. Some heads may not be ready for Starr's flow which switches without warning from hyperactive to lethargic but this is what makes this charismatic MC truly stand out from the pack.

The unique delivery walks hand in hand with the enigmatic subject matter, whether he's painting a picture of life in his Slough estate, likening himself to a toreador, talking about the booze or paying the bills Joker Starr makes rap music you want to listen to, like, so you're actually hearing and hanging on to every word he's saying.

With production from Beat Butcha, Dan Solo, G-Man, Keith Lawrence, Ahmos and Soliheen, guest raps from Genesis Elijah, Jehst and Micall Parknsun amongst others and an intro from the Gangstarr man himself, Guru, this is a CD worth your £7.99 (from Suspect Packages) – and I'm really endorsing this one, it's just so flippin' refreshing to hear Rap that manages to be fun and serious all at once.

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Joker Starr - Northborough Estate Project CD [Flukebeat]

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