Juice Aleem - Jerusalaam Come LP [Big Dada]

In this age of Hip-Hop being about, Sex, drugs, violence and the amount of money you have or you can spend teamed with an electronic beat / melody and auto tune, what you get is what I call novelty rap. I don’t consider it to be Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop means, Intelligent movement, it’s an art form and to hear people glamorising violence to the extreme over and over again doesn’t entice me to listen, it doesn’t make me think, doesn’t challenge my thoughts. All that changes with Jerusalaam Come.

Misanthropic, Alpha Phryme, New Flesh, Gamma. Than man behind this amazing album goes by all of these monikers and these names show the diversity that this artist has which is evident in the album. The tracks all go against the usual convention of Hip-Hop and show a more diverse and different sound. “Jerusalaam Come” throws the listener around and allows them to experience the essence of what Hip-Hop needs to come back to. This is in NO shape or form, the novelty Hip-Hop, which has in the past become commercialised and kind of lost its real meaning and sound.

Juice said the following about the album. “I can't keep away from a good concept. It’s about a lot of things, mostly the city of old and new Jerusalem in an historic and religious sense. The city that’s founded in peace yet so many die and kill over it and make claims on it (like Hip Hop). The new city that's coming from the sky in the book of Revelation to take the last survivors who stayed on the path, off to live in its crystal walls. It’s about a return to the tradition of studying your craft or not surviving, being able to still be standing when the smoke clears because you stood for something in the first place.  Its big, black, heavy, wide and goes deep”.

Track One, “First Lesson” shows that Aleem doesn’t have time for the many MC’s that aren’t doing their thing for the Hip-Hop scene. The beat has a very Dub step kind of feel and works very well with Aleem’s lyrical ability. The track is a good introduction into what to expect for the rest of the album. Aleem combines a fast-paced lyricism with a relaxed flow which works well over the Dub-step induced beat which is also relaxed and it’s a good track.

Straight Out Of BC” is another Dub-step induced track, teamed with an electro-feel. The track combines heavy bass and mindful lyricism and gets me excited about what to expect later in the album. The album as a whole takes the listener out of their comfort zone and introduces them to new and diverse sounds which can sound a bit dysfunctional at first but are soon put together well with the lyricism and way that Aleem seems to fit everything together.

Rock My Hologram”, produced by Si Begg (big producer of electronica) sees Aleem rhyme with his on-point lyrics over a very dub-induced, dub step bass and hand-claps. This diversity is carried on throughout the album which makes the listener uneasy trying to figure-out what is next to come and shows that Hip-Hop needn’t be the same old beat teamed with a synthesiser.

The album is AMAZING truly a work of art, so get your copy now and, look out for future projects from this man and in a few years Aleem and Big-Dada will be household names.

By: Nikhil Sharma | http://hiphopinformant.blogspot.com

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