Junior Disprol - Def Cult

Def Cult, the third instalment in the trilogy of Def, preceded by Def Valley and Def II respectively. This chapter deals with themes of Cults, elitism, gatekeeping and death. Enlightenment verses entitlement, Def with honour.

Written by Junior Disprol, scored as ever by the indomitable Cool Edit Chud and released on Plague.

Marvellous opens proceedings simultaneously taking shots at the scene and holding up the florists to claim his rightful flowers.

The rambunctious ‘The Fly Most‘ is a part Hip Hop love letter and part biographical piece, set to an anthemic horn and bass driven composition you’ll come to understand it’s “Careless to test thus, you’re advised to pass by, you ask why? You seen what he done to that last guy!?!“.

A Murmur Forms is its own vibe entirely. Peerless barmanship set to a compelling Cool Edit Chud production. As JD puts it himself, “The Matthew I’m higher than Michio Kaku at Machu Picchu“.

The system is laid open in both ‘Can We Live‘ and the title track ‘Def Cult‘. Different layers are peeled back and exposed, the struggle is real.

Elsewhere the teenage wonderlust for sounding dope like one of those US rappers is realised in the ongoing saga of ‘It’s Awwwn PT II‘ aka ‘I Got It Going Awwwn‘.

Magus Of Phrase is a brutal takedown and show of resilience over a Bladerunneresque sonic that ramps up the tension.

The contrast between the almost playful ramping evidenced on ‘Hawk Ghost‘ and the stoicism and drive of ‘Def At Behest‘ is set aside for the sheer dread inevitability of ‘Doomsday Clock‘ which sees JD joined by Roughneck Jihad and Stepchild in a back-to-back post-apocalyptic display of zero f#cks given.

Junior Disprol - Def Cult

The LP’s parting moment is the deeply personal ‘Def Not‘, by JD’s own admission the hardest and most heartfelt thing he’s ever written. A true account that despite writing through the pain, attempts to wipe away the tears and search for a meaning to it all.

Def Not is just so beautiful and heartfelt – there won’t be a better, more poignant track made this year… stunning

– Whirlwind D, Pioneers Radio Show, Kane FM

Def Cult is a twelve track album and features the incredible memento mori inspired artwork of John Baxter Stark, a great visual feast to accompany the music. A full lyric sheet is included which continues the cover art theme throughout, sumptuously set by Scott Free.

Def Cult is available to pre-order now on 180g Transparent Green Vinyl and 180g Transparent Yellow Vinyl.

Cassette and CD pre-orders are available from the 22nd of March 2024.

The album releases on the 29th of March 2024 on all formats and DSPs.

Junior Disprol


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