Junior Disprol - Def II LP [Plague]

Junior Disprol returns with the sequel to his 2019 Def Valley LP with the incredible Def II. Def II sees Junior Disprol up the stakes from the album’s predecessor – Content-wise he adheres to more traditional lyrical-themes associated with hard-hitting, faster-paced Hip Hop while progressively sounding more focused with his rhyme schemes.

Each lyric feels more emphatically delivered; his penmanship feels more meticulous while demonstrating his diversity by switching his style of delivery throughout the course of the album from laid-back to an imposing double time attack.

SP-Conductor, Cool Edit Chud splices an array of vaguely recognisable samples in new and unorthodox ways, juggling Funk, Dub, Jazz, Ambient soundscapes and everything in between with precision paced drum patterns and good old fashioned break-beats.

Blurring the lines between old-school and abstract, “Def II” encapsulates the essence of the traditional “Golden Era” sound and feel and re-works it in a refreshing, contemporary and cohesive method.

With guest appearances from DJ Jaffa, DJ Krash Slaughta, Roughneck Jihad, Thirstin Howl III, Sir Beans OBE and Kid Acne, Def ii is an album for connoisseurs of traditional Hip Hop.

Junior Disprol


Junior Disprol - Def II LP [Plague]

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