JVF Clique - Alternative Income [Clique Recordings]

As the world economy teeters on the edge of Armageddon and city boys in the square mile kiss goodbye to the boom times; a new darker future looms painfully on the horizon. As the mushroom cloud some call 'the credit crunch' expands, constantly sucking in new victims, how apt it is that the JVF Clique are soon to drop the most relevant of albums.

The JVF Clique's debut LP "Alternative Income" is now so relevant to the world scene that you would think it was written and produced in the first half of 2009 and not a labour of love that has taken nearly three years to lock down. "Alternative Income" covers all angles of the crisis that we currently find ourselves in. The name sake tune "Alternative Income" catalogs the many ways that the more desperate and daring in society take to make a fast tax free buck in these heady times.

On the very heavy northern soul filled track "The Problem" governments are portrayed as money grabbing liars, only interested in keeping their paws on power, who would argue with that! Tracks like "Concrete Jungle" and "Life" brim with tales of the painful every day struggle to keep the house warm and the children fed, all more relevant in a country with over 5% inflation!

The Debut album is complemented with cover artwork by leading U.K. Graf artist SOLO ONE whose relashionship with the JVF goes back to the days of pirate radio in the early 90s. The Leicester based outfit leaked an early taste of the beats and rhymes last month with the tune "Those Dudes" released on the recent UKHHF Mixtape.

The JVF are currently finalising the post production of the album and will have a release date soon, hopefully by then a ray of sunshine will appear through very dark clouds.

By: John Franks

JVF Clique - Alternative Income [Clique Recordings]

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