JVF Clique - Our View CD [Clique Recordings]

The JVF Clique may not be a name that floats through the mainstream, but it’s a name worth remembering. Our View is a continual project of verses on www.JVFradio.com, lyrics on beats covering topical news issues.

As ignorant rap abounds, (girls, cars, money and weed) it’s refreshing to hear serious subjects dissected by British artists. From hypocrisy in government to gunplay, knife crime and friendly fire in Iraq, subjects are given the treatment over classic beats. The subject based tunes are posted up to 3 times a month. As long as there’s an interesting news subject there will be a tune.

JVF Clique - Our View CD [Clique Recordings] For me the stand out track on Our View is Unfriendly Fire, this cracking 2 verse offering sits very nicely on the Necro produced beat. White Slavery is also complimented with a montage based video that has been popular on YouTube.

If you’re in the midlands the name may be familiar from their early EP’s or the well received Submerged Language mixtape. At the minute the JVF are working on their debut LP Alternative Income that promises to be an original twist on the usual rap offerings.

Rogue Agents, a preview track from the LP will be posted soon on JVFradio.com, it is a tale of double dealings with former CIA double agent Osama bin Laden, the tune is a cracker with great delivery over the Pappa Doc beat from the Cliques two MC’s Chief and Nipper, if the rest of the album is of this standard then its going to be a killer.

The album is expected to drop in the later stages of 2007 and will be a 20 plus tune long player with no skits padding out the content. Keep your ears open as Alternative Income promises to drop heavy.

By John Franks

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