JVF Clique - Submerged Language Vol.1 CD [Clique Recordings]

Not only is language a useful tool for communication, it is also one of the most powerful weapons that has been given to mankind. Allow me to introduce you to the JVF-Clique’s Submerged Language CD. The JVF-Clique are British hip hop artists from Leicester.

The JVF Intro starts with some knife like anti commercial lyrics. Offensiveness is beautifully underlined by the musical background: violins, piano, keyboards are intelligently mixed up with heavy beats.

JVF Clique - Submerged Language Vol.1 CD [Clique Recordings]
01. JVF – Intro
02. Symantix The Sorcera – Dead Of Night
03. Apoc – Mic Life ft. Scor Zay Zee & Troy Scalpels
04. JVF – Skin The Fuck Up (Remix)
05. Reggiimental – Alot Of Mics
06. Jid Sames – 40 Bricks
07. JVF – The Villain (Remix)
08. Baron Samedi – Theme Music
09. JVF – Severe Threat
10. Gnostix – Raw Vibe ft. Alex Blood
11. Apoc – Long Don Spitverbs
12. JVF – Taking The Piss
13. Undercurrent – The Drowning

Dead Of The Night is written in a true battling mode. The track will allow the listener to appreciate Symantix The Sorcera’s skills. The song transports you into a merciless atmosphere of fighting. The pan flute sounds in the middle of the track will nevertheless draw an incredible sensation of infinite freedom and wide space.

Apoc delivers another scurrilous attack that is beautifully enhanced by trumpet, pan flute and scratched sounds. Let the syllables overwhelm you like heavy rain while cadenced beats hammer in the background. Yes, words do matter.

Skin The Fuck Up is a ‘smoking time’ song. It is time to ‘blaze a zoot’ (roll a join in UK slang) and to chill out with buddies while aspiring the smoke. The song is definitely dedicated to all of you marijuana lovers.

Reggiimental will introduce A Lot Of Mics. Hammering drum beats mixed up with some offensive emcees’ vocal will allow you to enjoy the army like attack. Let the beats swing and the words flow.

40 Bricks is a nice political track aimed at Bush and Blair. Built on a jazzy melody that includes some beautiful piano sounds and nice and deep blues like vocals. It offers some real criticism against our society’s problems: poverty, dirty propaganda coming from a capitalistic world while kids get stabbed in the streets. Professional liars open your eyes and your hearts to the poorest parts of the city. You condemn crack houses when you created those kind of problems. Every brick has its story, behind extortion there is a hidden misery. Try to understand the powerful voice of the underground. I highly recommend you 40 Bricks where Jid Sames‘ talent comes to shine. The song is pure hip hop.
Severe Threat also offers an interesting and constructive social comment about climate changes, an increasing poverty, pollution, HIV, religious fanatics, greedy politicians who will walk on the dead in order to accomplish their goals. The numerous violins are interrupted by brief flute sounds and hammering drum beats. The instrumentals produce a sentiment of insecurity and imminent danger on purpose.

Taking The Piss is a rhythmic anti Bush-Blair anthem in which JVF show a nice flow delivery. Corrupt politicians are trying to condition our world with a commercial TV that is full of lies. The world of emceeing is corrupt too: you barely see good emcees on commercial musical channels. Rappers who speak their minds are confronted with censorship problems. However, courageous people will always speak their minds against world leaders who are leading our world to a giant disaster. Nice Chord sounds are mixed up with catchy beats; they fully enlighten JVF’s ‘rebels with a cause attitude’.
Globally, the Submerged Language mixtape has some interesting and creative work to offer to the listeners. Most of the artists did great efforts on flow, lyrical skills and instrumentals.

Average rating: 3.75 / 5 stars

By Isabelle Esling

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