It’s no secret that UK DJ’s & CEO’s of Wolftown ‘Late & Tricksta’ are big fans of everything SPC. If you look back in the history you’ll see that Late & K-Rino collaborated on a Tricksta produced beat back in 2002 with the now classic ‘Cold World’ track from Late’s ‘International Rhyme Spittin EP’.

K-Rino is like an ‘unsung hero’ of the Houston Rap scene and together with the Geto Boys rapper Scarface pretty much started the whole movement. Here Late & Tricksta pay homage with a mixed compilation full of rare and deleted songs, UK collobo’s and hard-to-obtain songs.

This CD shows the full diversity of K-Rino as it features laid-back groovers, deeper lyrical onslaughts and even some killer guests such as Z-Ro, Trae, Ganxsta Nip, AC Chill (R.I.P), Ruff Eyque, K.O, Kuwait and others. Wolftown scream from the top of buildings that K-Rino is a lyrical legend, and to be honest after hearing this CD I totally agree. Big thangs!

Review by: Brendan Deane

K-Rino - A Lyrical Legend (Mixed By Late & Tricksta) CD [Wolftown & S.P.C UK]

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