Kail - True Hollywood Squares CD [Big Dada]

Once in a while a rap record comes along that effortlessly walks the line between gangsta grit and humour and intelligence. Kail comes across as confident and hungry, and he delivers immersive music that you can listen to repeatedly.

This debut LP is a concept album where on each track Kail takes on a different persona and raps from that perspective. It would be overdoing things a bit to put 'True Hollywood Squares' on a level with Nas and Jay-Z, but if you listen carefully you can pick out some skillful and immediately enthralling tracks.

The buzz started in his hometown, on the streets of South Central Los Angeles, Compton. Although Kail and his crew Customer Services are at the virtuosic level of MCing required to be a part of the Good Life cafe scene, it was soon noticed that Kail's tracks could also be heard on road.

Kail's own press states that he is 'this generation's Ice Cube', actually its more Heiro, but really no-one should seek to replicate what has gone before and thankfully Kail is his own man. His personality comes over well in his songs, and he is able to have you creasing up with his character raps. He is being groomed to be the West Coast's newest star.

Kail has joined the Big Dada ranks as of 2008, and the album is out on April 21st, 'True Hollywood Squares' re-imagines the iconic gameshow of the title through the eyes of, amongst others, an embittered ghetto tour guide, an underage beauty just perfect for increasing your Myspace friend requests, and a down and out former casting agent. Along the way there's an angry mother leaving messages, a howling epic of true love and a freaky, camera shy pimp. As with many LPs the skits are overdone, tired and soon become annoying as per Skinnyman's Council Estate Of Mind. Skip over these though and there are gems to be unearthed.

Kail's tracks are self-produced and are remarkably different on each track. The first single for example, Wendy, heads down the path of thumps, bleeps and samples that can make other rap music sound archaic. Whereas Motorola Twins has a 80s hip hop beat with minimal instruments.

True Hollywood Squares is reportedly going to be a stone cold classic, apparently the kind of record you play to people who don't like hip-hop just to watch them convert. The record is varied and everyone should be able to take something from it. It is a suitably Big Dada release.

Kail - True Hollywood Squares CD [Big Dada]


01. Welcome to True Hollywood Squares
02. The Realest Muthafuckin' Tour Guide Ever
03. John Booboo
04. Hawaiian Silky
05. Peter Pennyworth
06. Wendy
07. Commercial Break
08. Sweet Dick Willy
09. Motorola Twins
10. Cola (The Rhapsody)
11. The Glitterati (Hood Rat Remix)
12. Three in the Morning

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