Kashmere - Galaktus: Power Cosmic LP [Boot Records]

One of the most eccentric voices in British music, Kashmere has carved himself a tidy niche for far out rap. Galaktus: Power Cosmic is the newest instalment in a prolific and consistent catalogue and thankfully doesn’t fuck with the formula, running with a comic book / sci-fi theme that is suitably raped for all kinds of mental lyrical imagery.

Endowed with brutal and claustrophobic production courtesy of Jazz T and Zygote – whose drums sound like planets colliding in my speakers – The Iguana Man sounds like an emcee on top of his game; hungry, determined and flexing some serious creative writing skills. Throw in killer guest spots from Jehst, Chubby Alcoholic and the awesome Ramson Badbonez and fans of raw thinking mans Hip Hop need look no further.

By: Max Weldon

Track list:

01. The Origin
02. The Great Sphere Opens
03. I Am Galaktus
04. Big G
05. Wild Style
06. Green Hornet
07. Metal Molester
08. Bang! Bang!
09. Higher Than God
10. Out For The Cash
11. The Corporation ft. Jehst and Micall Parknsun
12. Supreme Being ft. The Chubby Alcoholic
13. Space Battle ft. DJ Random
14. Silva Surfa
15. Herald Of Galaktus ft. Ramson Badbones
16. The Power Cosmic ft. Dramacide and Severe
17. The Epitaph…

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