Kenny Vicious - Be Careful CD [AD Productions]

Kenny Vicious was born in Sheffield and is of half Spanish origin. He co-writes and produces with his musical partner Alton Daley. Kenny Vicious has used his broad experience of Vocal Coaching, Theatre and Nightclub performance to produce a cultural blend of different musical tastes, encapsulated in a Hip-Hop shell; this is not your average disposable rap.

This is Kenny Vicious’ debut album which is entitled “Be Careful”. The title track Be Careful is a slow plodder of a track, but somewhat refreshing in this day and age of freneticism. I’m an oldie and I like a sit down, and it is rare these days to find an MC who is happy to slow the pace right down. To do this the MC needs character and several tall tales to be able to captivate the listener. With a full on Yorkshire accent Kenny Vicious has these qualities. Also featured on this track is another Yorkshire artist Inie who combines well with KV adding a gently sung chorus in Reggae / patois style.

Kenny Vicious - Be Careful CD [AD Productions]Rules has a darker feel to it and is where Kenny gets a bit topical and political as he cusses the politicians for creating and manipulating the rules that they expect society to live by. Production has a synthy element similar to some of Eminem’s own productions, but the way this is played is more appealing than many of the synth based tracks I hear.

Until The World Is… is another slow paced track which is powered by a simple piano sequence. Kenny’s diction is clear as he gets every word out clearly and raps about his aims for world domination, whist dropping knowledge about having and using simple common sense whilst recognising that taking the right path can sometimes be a hard choice to make.

Game For Free changes up the style for a more bouncy club based track with a big smashing snare and bubbling bassline with complimentary mid range notes. Whilst you may be able to get some of Kenny’s music for free now, it won’t be that way for long, so get your reddies ready.

Don’t be surprised to find this album on your Dad’s (Mum’s) or younger Siblings iPod or MP3 player because of its broad appeal. From the avant-garde lyric spittin’ “Modern Day Shakespeare”, topical “Money” to the street bouncing “Associates” this album has musicality, even real instruments and power to satisfy the bass boost enhanced fast-hatch.

It can be compared to an American product with a distinctively English twist and perceptive. Accentuating the fact that this is truly a re-imagination of UK rap.

It is available now from online distributors (including iTunes) in its entirety or as individual tracks.

Kenny may or may not be Vicious but you must approach this album with respect because it may blow your mind… in fact… Be Careful.

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