Kerfew was born and bred in Leicester and has been learning music since the age of 7 when he started to play the Tabla and Naal. Multi instrumented Kerfew also took up the trumpet and violin. He progress further in the music arena by linking with a pirate radio station where he rose from the ranks from taking calls, to doing the graveyard slot, through to getting on the primetime weekend shows.

He took a break to start a family, but now he is ready to make a comeback, but this time holding the mic. With long time friend Maze he has formed the MIC (Mother India’s Children) posse and production wise is keeping it in the family with his brother Hooliyo and brother in law June 25th providing the beats.

01. One Chance
02. Youths
03. 3rd World
04. My Life
05. Where We Be
06. Whats The Time?
07. Bhangra song
08. Monster
09. Who Am I?
10. This Is Me
11. Baby Father
12. I-Pray
13. The Season ft. Minus P & Ajaxxx
14. Oh No! ft. Midas & Cire

Kerfew’s core is the club vibe. He makes music for the ladies and tries to be comical, but has also said that he tries a variety of styles and can do the conscious edutainment stuff as well. He has now dropped his debut solo LP Whats The Time? which is 12 tracks deep with an additional two bonus tracks added on the end.

The LP kicks off with One Chance, a track which checks everything in upfront. Indian percussion alongside a big beat and various strings give you the idea of the sound that Kerfew is propagating. In the track Kerfew explains that we only have one life and therefore we have to make the most of this opportunity. Youths follows and features a softer vocal delivery over a sparse beat and keyboard riff. Intelligently Kerfew opens eyes to the troubles youths find themselves in and how the streets are becoming more like the US everyday.

A fantastic string sample forms the basis for 3rd World, a deep track and a heartfelt plea to Western governments to let the people living there be free. My Life whilst still maintaining the intelligent outlook is all about the MC’s flow and how he gets it bumping. I think samples from Dr Albarn are used, but are sequenced into the track well.

Where We Be is a bit harder and introduces that aggy vibe. Cubby and descriptive Whats The Time? is one of those story telling tracks about going out and partying on a Friday night and perhaps pulling a girl and taking her home. The pace is kept high for the Bhangra Song which has manic sitars going off in the backing alongside various drum rolls for Kerfew to spit some random humorously tinged raps.

Monster sounds thoroughly modern and of its time and Who Am I? has that totally accessible pop rap sound. I’m not really feeling This Is Me which has a really fast beat and double paced raps. On a slightly similar vibe Kerfew expresses his love for his child on Baby Father.

I-Pray sees Kerfew get all sloppy over a piano backing. This is actually a prayer to god, which is one of the factors of Kerfew’s life which has helped him through his dark times, but for me it just seems a bit slushy. The penultimate track The Season sees Kerfew enlist the vocal help of Minus P and Ajaxxx who together produce a massive bumper and one of the standouts on the LP.

The whole LP rounds off with Oh No! another track on which Kerfew gets in some guests for variety. This time Midas and Cire are the ones that step up for this big club banger.

Overall an LP which grabbed me in places and in others didn’t really touch me. There are definite lyrical highpoints with ingenuity and thought displayed as well as some good productions, but there is also a handful of tracks which for me don’t achieve the same high standards. Kerfew has skills and needs to get out there and represent.

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