Kid Acne - Null And Void

World status 2020-21; a write-off, one to be struck from the record, ‘Null And Void‘ if you will. This hasn’t stopped Kid Acne kicking on and bringing what he calls “the difficult fifth album” to the Lewis Recordings megaplex. Full of Yorkshire say-so, his inimitable strain of hip-hop delivers the mind-bending with everyman knowhow, fearlessly “taking out pop chart sucker rappers with a blow dart“.

Spectacular Diagnostics (Westside Gunn, Vic Spencer, Conway the Machine, Nolan the Ninja) is back on the boards for Kid Acne’s latest magical mystery tour, strengthening regional alliances with UK heavyweights Cappo, Jehst, Junior Disprol and Vandal Savage as well as introducing ones-to-watch Taja and Jaz Kahina. Driven by the wise man’s testament that thou shalt never use the internet again, Acne shakes off screen burn and heads back to the great (socially distanced) outdoors with a fresh batch of wavy, chaos theorising boom-bap.

Where anecdotal evidence gets turned inside out, mindsets scale “Matalan carpark at midnight“, ascending to “pouring shampoo in the fountain of youth” and bringing “the Fat Willy Surf Shack big dick energy“. Human traffic, herding everyone from The Kardashians to Romesh Ranganathan, moves at the behest of Acne as master of puppets. All part of the ‘Null And Void’ melting pot, packaged with typical care from the celebrated street artist as the album bears Kid Acne’s hand-printed signatures.

Found playing in post-Millennium ‘Rap Traffic‘ and pouring ‘Council Pop‘ before plotting to ‘Attack The Monolith‘ as part of B-boy outsiders Mongrels, Kid Acne’s 2019 opus ‘Have A Word‘ had The Wire waxing lyrical: “Acne might be a god, but a relatively modest one“, presiding over an album “slick in a classic hip-hop sense“. MOJO enthused over his “barrage of bon mots“, and DJ Magazine proclaimed “UK music needs more Kid Acnes in it“, all while BBC 6 Music‘s Nemone, Don Letts, Gilles Peterson, Gideon Coe and Chris Hawkins nodded in agreement. These shrewd manoeuvres forever putting an individual spin on keeping it real, run parallel with his stalwart status within the international Street Art movement, Kid Acne’s prominence across wall space, continents and exhibitions stretching past two decades.

Kid Acne

Lewis Recordings

Track List:

1. Welcome
2. Flame Wars feat. Taja
3. Lo And Behold
4. Algorithms
5. Menhir Triptych feat. Junior Disprol and Cappo
6. Junk Data
7. Transistors feat. Jaz Kahina and Vandal Savage
8. Out Here
9. Copacetic
10. Neon Fogou feat. Jehst
11. Unsubscribe
12. Innovate

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