King P - Royal Dubz LP [Touchstone Records]

King P has done the unthinkable for a UK producer and has come up smelling of roses. P, a man of considerable musical background, has crafted 12 tracks from scratch and cast in that classic West Coast mould. Where that isn’t the case the Dirty South sound lends its sonics. Royal Dubz comes across as a tribute to the music he loves and as a result the listener gets a treat – banging and musical Hip Hop music.

Despite having a definite sound no two songs are alike. RRS features a rock riff that any guitar hero would be proud of but its predecessor Shake It is mellow and R'n'B-esque, Bread On It is menacing whereas Crunk Tonight has bare Caribbean party vibes.

Featuring UK and US MCs and singers, this LP is an easy listen. Won't Stop heads up proceedings with our own Yogi taking control of the mic. Slix and Tommy D represent the UK on Easy and Shake It. South 71, Donovin Heights, Justin Mills and Kel Spencer provide vocals for the rest of the tracks.

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King P - Royal Dubz LP [Touchstone Records]

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