Krash Slaughta and Junior Disprol - Hung Drawn and Slaughta'd

An unexpected combination. Sophisticated production meets scaff bar delivery. Classical Hip Hop arrangements host train of thought philosophising while deft turntable athleticism brutalises a thousand crates, revealing concepts, barbs, humour, pathos and insight in equal measure.

Krash Slaughta, legendary DJ / Producer of Two Tone Committee and Monkey Mafia and the critically acclaimed MFDOOM/ Bjork/ Sugar Cubes LP, ‘Sugar Coated DOOM’, not to mention many and varied production and remix work, caught a blistering live performance of Junior Disprol (Fleapit and Dead Residents MC) at a festival, sometime in the mid noughties. Connections were made and an EP collaboration soon evolved into a full length LP.

Hung Drawn and Slaughta’d is the result of hours of discussions and a shared love across multiple genres, the inspirations and references through music, film and literature forming the basis of the cover art design, skilfully illustrated by Junior Disprol himself.

Krash and Dis have created in many ways a traditional Hip Hop LP, in the widest sense of the term. The DJ track (a staple of classic Hip Hop LP’s) is delivered unlike any other, ‘Scratch Terminator‘ sitting comfortably alongside the undead, paranormal reflections of the ‘Ghost Writer‘. The life navigating ‘stay on target’ grown business of ‘Wickedest Discipline‘ perfectly at home with the almost throwback UK stylings of ‘U Is for Underground‘.

Guest features include Roughneck Jihad, (who along with D-Styles and Dufunk, make up West Coast legends Third Sight) on ‘World Renowned‘. The upbeat, unadulterated joy of Ska Borough featuring Afrocluster MC Skunkadelic and the barnstorming verbosity of ‘Special Delivery‘ sees JD joined by Malachai/ Stepisode genius MC, Stepchild and long-time Glaswegian Hip Hop royalty, Scottish Hip Hop historian and social commentator Loki aka Darren McGarvey.

Hung, Drawn & Slaughta’d looks as good as it sounds and boasts a full lyric sheet, 12 tracks deep and will be followed up by a limited EP full of exclusive songs and bonus remixes courtesy of the German label Britcore Rawmance complete with remixed cover artwork.

Available as a limited run of ONLY 300 vinyl, on black wax worldwide.

All cover art by Matt Herbert AKA Junior Disprol, all beats and scratches by DJ Krash Slaughta.

Track List

Side A 
1. U is for Underground 
2. Scratch Terminator 
3. World Renowned (Ft Roughneck Jihad) 
4. Word is Bond 
5. Ghost Writer 
6. Sonic Assassin 

Side B 
1. Throwdown 
2. Ska Borough (Ft Skunkadelic) 
3. We Bring it Back 
4. Wickedest Discipline 
5. Special Delivery (Ft Stepchild & Loki) 
6. The Take Out

Krash Slaughta and Junior Disprol - Hung Drawn and Slaughta'd

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