Kuroisoul And Kinetik - Hip Hop Is Forever LP [Bass And Format]

Need some smooth, authentic Hip Hop? Then you need to check this release. Powerful production and meaningful lyrics are combined for what will become seen as modern day classic release. Kuroisoul and Kinetik hooked up over the internet and found a common connection.

The opening track confirms what I said about the release – it has soul, and sets the tone for the rest of the release and spark it off as a themed concept. The interlude between the tracks is Kinetik narrating his thoughts and misgivings about progressing this project further with Kurisoul. London Mornings continues the narrative following Kinetik on his weekend out. The track has a fierce snare and soulful (there is that word again) vocals supplied by Tone Richardson.

Next the interlude sees Kinteik decide to visit California to record the LP and the following track hears Kinetik describe his experience of California Nights and the vibe he is experiencing. Kinetic has a great delivery. It's a basic style, but he really sits on the beat and there is no conflict between the timing of his delivery and the rhythm of the music. Too many rappers don't pay enough attention to getting this right, but Kinetik's years of experience show in both this aspect of his style as well as in his ability for story telling throughout the length of not just a track, but a whole LP.

On Dead Rappers Kinetik shows how he can destroy MCs over a harder brass ridden banger including a healthy dose of cuts from Jazz T in the chorus. The production throughout is quality and well recorded and mixed. Each element of the track is perfectly selected and sequenced.

The album also touches on race issues. Big Drums and piano back People Don't Understand which explains the feelings of individuals in interracial relationships and the pressure society can exert. More upbeat Boom Bap Babies pays homage to the predecessors who originated this style of music and reminisces about the influence had on our childhoods. Knee High continues this look back to earlier times and the events that formed us as individuals.

The last couple of tracks close off a solid set of tracks. The penultimate track looks at the serious aspects of poverty, but ends with a gospel feel. The last interlude is the last of Kenetik's messages, this time reversed looking forward to the end of his trip to the US and how it was wise to take the risk to make the LP. The final track is more upbeat tempo wise, but still focuses on poverty, but at the same time is positive, uplifting and forward looking.

This is a complete album which showcases Hip Hop in its truest form. The lyrics are heartfelt and the production strikes a chord with me, so make sure you pick this up.

Release Date: Monday 3rd June 2013

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